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Urethra Pain and Nerve Recovery

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Dear All,

I’ve been suffering for over 11 months now with chronic urethral pain following a cystoscopy to dilate my urethra.

I’ve been to pain management and they’ve prescribed me some Gabapentin which helps but doesn’t remove the pain.

It’s very depressing... and I feel like I need the loo all day long.

The docs say the pain may go eventually but they can’t say when.. does anyone have any experience ?


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I didn’t have the urethral dilation (my GP put me off), but I did have urethral pain. At the time I was diagnosed with ‘urethral syndrome’ and was given medication for over active bladder. After about 6 months of taking the meds the urethral symptoms reduced and I stopped the medication, though it turned out that I also had other pain in the genital region. I have been on gabapentin for years now. At the correct dosage it can be very helpful, but I don’t know of any medication that will eliminate the paIn completely. I know this is not what you want to hear and I know only too well how miserable it is, but there are other pain management techniques. What I’ve come to realise is that nothing stays the same. I’ve had pain for a decade, but it is quite different now from how it was at the beginning. For some people the pain can go away completely, but for others we just have to accept the situation and find the best ways of managing it. Does the pain management clinic offer anything other than medication? There are various techniques that can help, e.g. meditation, relaxation, physiotherapy, exercise etc. The more anxious we feel, the stronger we are likely to perceive pain, so it is important to find a way to relax, difficult as that might seem. I hope you find some relief soon.

I had a cystoscopy to dilute my urethra about a year ago as my urologist thought this would relieve my unexplained pelvic pain. It had worked three years previously with a similar episode but this time their was no relief and the urologist suggested that he referred me to a pain clinic. I resisted this as I didn't want to accept that their wasnt a solution to my pain. Online I came across a book called "Heal Pelvic Pain" by Amy Stein which included a serious of stretching exercises. With this and a few sessions with a pelvic physio I managed to get rid of my pain. I continue to do the stretches as on occasion the pain starts to come back although your pain may not be muscular as mine turned out to be. It's worth a try though.

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