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Could it be nerve pain?

Hi there, I have been suffering from shooting, tingling, electric shock pain. It is mainly in the pelvic area, front and back, rarely goes up above the diaphragm, from 18 months, had all sorts of scans and nerve tests, all normal. Tried conventional pain killers, tramadol, no help. Now I'm on Lyrica 50 mg three times daily, the pain isnt any better, in fact i's worse. I used to have (ok) days, but not anymore. The pain gets really worse in the evening/night, it leaves me in tears even if I'm sitting doing nothing. I'm so confused. Any suggestions?

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Your description of shooting, tingling and electric shock pain are classic nerve related pain symptoms. There are a few nerves in the pelvic area so it depends on where you are experiencing these problems. The pudendal nerve is often the culprit as it can be irritated by tight pelvic floor muscles, but that one does not really travel to the front of the pelvis.

I would suggest you try some physiotherapy with a pelvic floor physiotherapist who is pudendal neuropathy aware (not all of them are) Always steer clear of those that want you to do kegals, as this would be counterproductive for any tight pelvic muscles.

Pudendal neuralgia (PN) is often not a problem in the morning but it does become more painful as the day goes on, so as you say that you are worse by evening, I think you should definitely pursue this as a possible diagnosis. Sitting can aggravate the problem too btw so try not to sit too mch and see if this helps.

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thanks a lot for your reply, I will see my GP this Wednesday, I'll try to talk to her about the physiotherapist suggestion, I do hope it works, because the pain is literally taking over my life!


Maybe you could get some pain management therapy too?? Some cognitive pain treatment is a good idea at any stage and can help with coping strategies whatever the problem may be.

Th e pelvis is a complicated area and can be prone to a few separate sometimes interrelated problems. In your cases a tight pelvic floor may be causing PN, of course that is just a suggestion but pelvic physio would be good place to start to rule that problem in or out. Take a look at this list for pelvic aware physio's


thanks a lot for your concerns and help...

I will definitely take a look at the link


It could be a trigger point (look it up if your not familiar with it) under your ribs at the back. An experienced physio will be able to explore this for you. Treatment involves accupressure to release it. And you can do it yourself once shown (may need some help as its awkward to reach) as much as you like.


I have a nerve pain, in my front in my right side and its a sharp stabbing pain. I was told that my muscles were weakened which caused a nerve to poke through. Doing some exercises tightens up the muscles and gets the nerve back in place! But it might not be the same thing, but it does sound similar as sitting down is painful and walking around too much is painful also


I have the same problem as yours and the cold weather here in Melbourne seemed to trigger the pain evenmore..I wonder how you managed it? Are you still having discomforts every now and then? it is really painful NSAIDs are not very helpful anymore. I am desperate!:(


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