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Has anyone gone for cryoablation?


Was just wondering if anyone on this site has actually had the procedure cryoablation? I'm seriously considering making an appointment for it again. Thank you Deb.

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Hi! I too have given thoughts to cryoablation.

It seems there is only one doctor in the states that does it. Have you had surgery?



Hello Rob,

No I haven't the surgery for it but almost everything else for it. I did try the stimulater in the back for it and tons of blocks which I'm still doing. I go twice a month for a Pudendal nerve block without the steroids now. My doctor and I have been doing this since April hoping it may heal the nerve. For a while there it seemed to be taking the edge off in between the blocks as long as I stayed on the awful medication that we all take but my last block it didn't really help in fact I felt an increase in pain and was throwing up from the pain being so bad. Something's gotta give. I go for another block this Tuesday and now I don't know if I wanna get it done for the day and half that I will be painfee because it's not gonna work for the remaining weeks to follow in taking the edge off. Yes, I have about a day and half where the pain is almost completely gone but it comes back with vengeance and then usually levels out at an 7-8/10 on the pain scale. This last block I had didn't do that and was horrible. Have you gone for the surgery? My doctors are advising me not to for fear it may make me worse even though it's proven through an MRN that I have scar tissue causing the problem. I'm at a loss and have been suffering for too many years now. That's why I was interested In the cryoablation. God bless you. Deb


Can you share your story? I’m sure I’m not the only one on here interested in hearing about it. I was supposed to get it done but the hospital where I was going to go for this procedure told me last minute after the trip was booked and I was assured it would be covered by insurance not to worry that it wasn’t and that I as the patient would have to fight for a transfer of care not the doctor. When I know in fact that an insurance company will not deem something medically necessary without a doctor fighting for you. Can you please share your experience other than just yes. Did it help you? Did you get covered by insurance and what state did you get it done in. Thank you. Some of us have been living with this for over 10 years now and to answer the question with just a yes doesn’t fully answer the question when you know there are people on here who would do just about anything to get out of this horrific pain. Can you please share your story for all of us not just me. Thank you. Deb.


I don’t text I can I PM you on here.


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