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Dry Needling for Peudendal Neuralgia? Has anyone had this?


Has anyone had this? I saw it on the pudendal hope facebook page? (Does anyone know a US Pt that treats vaginal bands with dry needling?) Open to anyone's experience anywhere.

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I've heard of pelvic floor muscle trigger point injections (and had one...yes, only one...not fun, but that was with no anesthesia). I have never heard of dry needling internally before. That sounds painful.

Is dry needling like accupuncture?

Pinky2233 in reply to Suzysheep

On the facebook page it explained the slight differences. I was hoping I could find a practiced PT in this. It seemed their jurisdiction. Acupuncturists in the US at least the ones ive met dont needle there. Looking for an experienced PT anywhere but US would be best if this is done as it mentioned.

Anyone know a PT in their area who does it?

Dry needling can be done on muscles, internal trigger points I believe are relived by a pelvic floor pt with manual use. I've had trigger point injections done internally by a dr with an anesthetic

Thanks! I too had the trigger point injections from a doctor. Didnt work unfortunately. I can't seem to find and would.love to find someone who could dry needle the vaginal bands. They explained it on the facebook page as related for pudendal pain. I'm at a lose how I can find someone who does it...

Thanks for your reply and if you can weigh in on my search that facebook page confirmed it is done which was very optimistic so thanks for.listing it. Just can't find where?

I am a pelvic floor manual PT who also is certified in dry needling. Dry needling is done externally and is very effective in treating trigger points. Key muscles I hit with needling this area are obturator internus, levator ani (going through glutes, not going internal), adductor Magnus, iliacus, psoas, glutes, piriformis, abdominals, bulbospongiosus, thoracic and lumbar paraspinal muscles, and quadratus lumborum. Which muscles I do in a given treatment session depend on the presentation of the patient. But yes, dry needling can be done and is done with pelvic pain conditions (pudendal neuralgia included.

Cardinal in reply to Lisambodypt

Lisa, this sounds like what I need, but do you know of a PT who does the dry needling in the Chicago area?

Lisambodypt in reply to Cardinal

You might check the women's health apta website or call Myopain Seminars in Bethesda and ask them for a pelvic floor dry needler. I believe Rhonda Katarinas (sp?) dry needles and is very well known in pelvic floor circles as well.

What state are you in? Are you in the US?

Mona414 in reply to Lisambodypt

Lisa, Where are you located

I'm in Milwaukee. Belinda

AuntieH in reply to Mona414

Hi Mona414, I'm in Milwaukee too.

Thank you so much for responding to my post on dry needling!! Is it possible to reach you directly email/phone? I look forward to speaking with you!

Katz6615 in reply to Pinky2233

I'm going for the first time next week. I'm in mn

Yeah, actually, I was planning on making another appointment with her (had one a long time ago). I'll ask if she does dry needling. She is quite aggressive when treating, so I'm a bit scared.

Pinky2233 in reply to Cardinal

I’m having pelvic hydrodisection done for a 2nd time to break up pelvic scar tissue. I did have a great result for all external tissue dry needling had to travel to MD. Just checking in on your journey to see what might have worked for you overtime

Cardinal in reply to Pinky2233

Manual PT helped a bit, I got a bit of dry needling on my glutes, which seemed to help, but then I moved to across the country for a job opportunity and have not had therapy in over a year. Dry needling by PTs isn't legal in my state. And most women's PTs (and doctors, for that matter) here do not take insurance, so it's a few hundred dollars each visit (not exaggerating). I've been relying on pain medicine and a special chair at work. I managed to get through the year okay with just the med, but am starting to hurt more again so would like to find a doctor who does dry needling or some sort of option.

Glad to hear it helped on your glutes. More states should allow it, my 2 visits were expensive but I would say well worth it. Good luck keep me posted how you do

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