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Looking for a case study who has pelvic inflammatory disease

I’d like to talk to a case study who has pelvic inflammatory disease – what their symptoms were, how they’re doing now, what advice they’d give to others. Is there enough support out there?

It is for an article on the health website

Do let me know if you would be willing to help

Thanks so much


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Hi Karen, I would be happy for you to talk to me, I have had a lot of pelvic inflammatory disease, starteting with hysterectomy and then ovaries and then gall bladder and then Ic and had to have cystoplasty and fifteen years on have adhesions surround the bowel and giving me sub acute bowel obstruction. And No there is no help out there when you you are so desperate for it. Doctors are very easy to get you out of the surgery within ten minutes with a " take paracetamol" I struggle to get comfortable and found by mistake that Tramadol eases the pain but makes constipation worse so viscious circle.

let me know if I can help, we need to have more awareness and maybe more research so women can lead a reasonable pain free existence. If I was not a coward I would have happily ended my life. The pain is unbearable and no one listens.


Hi there, not sure if you have now completed your research, but if I can add to the conversation at all, I would be happy to.

I had it the year before last following complications post IUD procedure. Not fun; had no idea where to go with the post hospital pain/issues; didn't want to fuss!



Hi I have been diagnosed with dilated pelvic veins. Is this the same?


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