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Anyone had a MRN for Pudendal nerve?


Anyone has a MRN before? I’m having one this week to hopefully so if my pudendal nerve is trapped/ compressed. Will this show on this type of scan?

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Yes the mrn is the definitive MRI for the nerves to see the pudental entrapment... Dr. Hibner here in Phoenix is a pudental specialist and he does MRN and then sometimes a nerve block to see for sure if it's a nerve and he also does Botox,however wherever you live it sounds like you found a specialist for it so you're on the right track

Okay great hopefully I can finally get some answers then! Thank you :)

May I ask where you live? As I’m in England and I have a coccyx injury and currently have nerve pain in my vagina bum and lower back more my right side and wondering if I have this problem

Nerve1234 in reply to Jenuk32

Hello I live in England too, London, See my pain is only in my mons pubis and groin area and inner thigh, so I’m unsure if mine is pudendal too, I guess everyone body reacts differently, it does sound like it though. I would go to a specialist and see what they say. They will probably send you for an MRI first.

Jenuk32 in reply to Nerve1234

Yes well I’m currently having physio but not gynae physio however I have an app in jan with a urologist gyno, and hoping she refers me for an MRI to see exactly where damage is. I jumped on a bucking bronco legs open and hit my right sitting bone and had terrible throbbing for 2 months then that settled and left with dull throb and sting from anus to vagina hole on right side I’ll wake up and it’s ok but soon as start moving it starts and sometimes I will get a spasm in vagina hole maybe bladder not sure, I’m on amitriptaline which calms nerves a bit but still feel it also have stinging under bum cheek too if thigh, it’s benn 4 months and still going on I desperately want an MRI but they are just not giving me one my physio think it will get better on it’s own but I think the urologist will feel need to do a scan I hope

I think it will only show if you have entrapment at alcocks canal, but will not show if any of the smaller branches are involved. So far as I know it does not rule out pudendal neuralgia.

I had the MRN and it did not show any infringement. I only trust these image test so far. I and many have had other MRI's which missed big issues because as Dr said "Things can be hidden depending on angle. I am supposed to start Nerve Blocks next week and they want PT. Cannot find Pt who will take ins, there are not many that does this therapy. Ins. is also fighting me about paying for the medicine needed to do the block because it is a compound drug. I also have Interstitial Cystitis and require bladder installs. Ins is saying the same thing about that medicine needed. It is compound and will not be paid for. I have a Case Manager now working on all of this. If your Ins Co offers a case manager, take it from the beginning. I waited to long.


The tests aren't perfected. They don't show the distal branches that are damaged and a doc can rely too much on this test which is imperfect.

What is MRN??

Nerve1234 in reply to Red1974

It’s like an MRI but they use different frequencies to scan the nerves.

Yes, I have had an MRN with Dr. Aaron Filler in Los Angeles. He found severe bilateral pudendal nerve inflammation as well as inflammation next to my "impar ganglion", and a dialataion of a blood vessle in the same region. Also there was significant asymmetry of size between two pelvic floor muscles (cannot remember which ones from the top of my head). He also found that my tailbone had turned outwards, which he thinks is a result of chronic pelvic floor spasm.

It remains a mystery as to what is causing this.

Jenuk32 in reply to Bjornsdotter

Wow this is interesting as I think I’ve damaged a muscle in the right side of vagina and it may have healed incorrectly which could be giving me the pain I have also I think it’s called the obturator muscle?? So If muscles aren’t symmetrical that can cause pain? That runs under bum cheek and joins side wall of top of vagina?


I also see Dr Filler wonderful, brilliant man. Can we chat on pm ? He helped me did a decompression last month but still having terrible cramps and this pushing spasms. He was scratching his head. His decompression worked but my last block he numb everything and i was still pushing and cramping. Im still working with him. Could pelvic floor hurt that much I can’t do anything even walking I push its so painful. I cant take pain meds they me sick and itch. So im on muscle relaxer, ativan and gabapentin struggling ativan cuz i don’t respond to diazepam.

Help would be appreciated

Nerve1234 in reply to Vicknb

Yeah Of course ! Message me on Pm :) I went to see a women health physio on Saturday which was interesting !!

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