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Abnormal Abdominal Pain

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Hey guys - I am new to this site but I'm rather glad I found it! Over the past few months I have been getting this constant, sharp stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. At first, I just figured it was to do with my heavy and painful periods but then it became more of a concern when I wasn't on my periods. I have had to be taken to hospital immediately a couple of times now due to suspected appendicitis - the doctors could not find anything wrong but the pain was dreadful! I have also been going to appointments at a local health centre but I'm not sure if they have any answers either. For now, they have put me on the pill to see if that helps with the heavy and painful periods but I feel that it's not the only cause. They have also taken blood to check everything else is fine but they have done this several times before and found nothing! I'm just not sure how to help it...

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Hi Hun and welcome to our wonderful, kind and supportive site. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been suffering with such awful pain. I was like you and suffered with very similar sounding pain and symptoms. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and after trying different medication and treatments I ended up having a hysterectomy. I'm not an expert in diagnosing you so good luck in getting a diagnosis Hun and I hope you don't have to suffer with your pain and symptoms for too much longer. Take care x

Hi Sophie-Ann

I don’t know how many times I have been taken into hospital with grumbling appendix when I was in my twenty’s I always had problems with my periods from the day I took them and every time I had excruciating pain I was taking into hospital and let out a few days later and was told it was grumbling appendix I was in and out so much that they decided to do further tests and I had a cyst in my ovaries so don’t let this go ask your GP to refer you for further tests to be done hope everything goes well for you. Janebee x

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