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Exercises for prolapse


Hi, I have a vaginal prolapse and have been put on the waiting list for a hysterectomy. I've been on the list for over a year and am struggling to get any advice from my local medics - my calls aren't returned and PALS say they can't discuss personal cases! Does anyone know of any exercises that might help? I'm managing with a pessary but am anxious to keep going as long as possible without surgery as a) I don't know if it's really necessary and I'd rather avoid it; b) I'm moving house soon, 200 miles away, so I'm not exactly in a position to have an operation now and I guess it'll be back to the end of the queue if I do need an op once I've moved.

Any advice gratefully received. Jane

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Pilates is good for prolapse but it's essential you have 1 to 1 classes with an instructor experienced in pelvic/prolapse issues.

Google. Femfusion seems very good.

Finally got an appointment to get some advice. It just takes hours of effort finding the right department and ringing constantly to get some action. In fact, they rang me to ask why I'd missed an appointment that I was never told I had, so I got in on the back of that and saw a helpful lady. So I feel I've got somewhere in the end, but what a lot of time and stress - I feel sorry for those at the frontline of the NHS but it really isn't well organised at the moment. I've been advised to refer myself to the physio dept at the local hospital when the dust has settled after my house move, so I'll do that. I'm afraid my experience seems to show that you shouldn't be put off by what the doctors say, the consultants can be overruled, and to fight your own battles as nobody else will!

Hi Shroedie Are you in the UK?

I go to Pilates once a week, run by physios and have been going for a year now. It has really helped With pelvic floor exercises and core strengthening. I have had a rectocele and cystocele both operated on separately a year ago and now have pudendal neuralgia My operation would have been wonderful if I had not had this because in the beginning the pain was excruciating. I had these operations privarely

Thanks Holly - just in process of moving (in the UK) and going to look for classes when we're settled. Glad to hear it works for you :)

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