I'm 22 years old been dealing with pain in my ass and penis for almost 2 years I've been to the docters about 3 times dermatologist and urologist about 4 times I've had urine samples blood a cystoscopy done I've taken cypro and other antibiotics I've done everything nothing helps I still have burning pain all day sharp pains my penis is hypersentive and hurts to the touch it's red hurts after urination and ejaculation still have 0 relief

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  • I read about this in a book called Teach us to sit still're so young! any ideas what may have triggered this? post-herpetic neuralgia? an infection of some sort which healed but left pain ? an accident?

    Regardless, you need to get yourself a good doctor and start medication very soon. nortriptyline and lyrica are the best. any chance you can find a phisiotherapsit or osteopath in your country ?

  • Nothing caused it just woke up one day and just started having problems I've tried all kind of medicine nothing works and I'm not to sure about that actually

  • Hi, I am a member of this club too. Get yourself a copy of headache in the pelvis. I take curcumin daily which seems to help... fish oils are great too.

  • I am a woman but have read that book, it was amazing and so eye opening

  • I would agree that it might be worth getting hold of a copy of A headache in the Pelvis. It might also be worth finding a specialist pelvic pain physiotherapist, who would be able to assess you for tight muscles that could be impinging a nerve, or other issues that might be referring from another part of the body etc. There are various medications and supplements that might help and you would need to discuss this with an understanding doctor. Good luck.

  • I have been dealing with my issue for over 3 years now on and off. I am a member of this club and also in the Health field and highly educated. I have had every test done per the Urologist and still no one has provided a definitive diagnosis as to what is causing my periodic penile pain, itching, hypersensitivity etc. Have you had an MRI for the lumbar spine yet to check for any nerve impingement? I agree that you have to find an understanding doctor who will listen to your concerns and direct you on what is your next step. I am over 50 and are very young to be having these kind of issues. Good Luck!

  • If uou can, try to see a pain management Dr, and see if they can do a Pudendal Nerve block. If the can, you may get a hour or more or relief. If you do, there is chance you have Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. If that's the case, you really want to find Dr that knows what PNE is, as the first 100 doctors I saw had no idea what was wrong with me, so they did not want to bother with me. If you have not already been to a site called PNE Hope , do so as it list Dr across the country that know what PNE is.

    I have had you same pains for 10 years. I have a pain pump, and a nerve stimulator, both help, but I still am in pain every day.

    Good luck with finding help.

  • Thanks. They ruled out nerve entrapment with my scans and MRI. I am not in pain every day, mine goes away for a while them comes back and only last a few seconds or so guess I am lucky. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I might have to do that the pain up in my anus comes and goes but the pain in my penis never goes away or the redness or hypersensitivity

  • PNE is very rare, most likely he has classic neuralgia

  • Definitely need to get MRIs done and spine checked. I've only recently been diagnosed post urological surgery last year. It sucks and I am never comfortable... most people with these issues have a reasonable resolution between 1 and 2 years. It does suck but you need to try and stay as positive as you can.

  • Appreciate it everybody I been taking curcumin and quercitin Ima have to look into some of those ideas I shouldn't be having these problems at 22

  • Hey there. You may have pudendial neuralgia or PN. It's different to nerve entrapment it's basically when the nerve is stretched or pulled so it plays up. I am a 24 year old female who has it, since I was 14. Comes and goes, pain isn't every day and sometimes very little but it's still there. Did you play a lot of sport or bike riding when you were younger? treatment is physiotherapy, medication and nerve blocks.

  • Not a lot of sports work a lot that's about it and my pain never goes away atleast in my penis

  • Do you find it is worse after sitting for hours and hours? What is the pain like ? Electric shock like pain, burning etc?

  • Sitting doesn't seem to make much of a difference the pain inside my ass comes and goes but my penis will get sharp pains burning all the time hypersensitive to the touch burning after urination and ejaculation and so on

  • Yeah sharp shooting pain, burning sensation sounds like nerve pain. I would go to a pelvic doctor or specialist for a diagnosis that way you can start treatment. The best thing I can recommend is lidocaine cream or oitment for when the pain occurs. It literally blocks the pain signal to your brain so no pain. Lasts a few hours also which is good. You want to focus on desensitising the area as much as you can!

  • Thanks for the help all advice is appreciated !!

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