Pain in my uterus// right side

I'm 16 years old nearly 17 and I have been suffering with this pain for nearly 1 and a half and I've been to the doctors so many times and everyone just thinks I'm faking it :( I don't know what to do the doctors are useless, I feel like I'm on my own because no one understands how painful it is, it hurts more when I'm coming on my period I've been tested for appendix, thyroid all them things and nothing appears

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  • Have you been seen by a gynaecologist you may have endometriosis. I would take a look at the endometriosis forum if you haven't already done so. Get a referral to a gynaecologist too. Can you describe your pain xx

  • I've not been to one yet and it's come on more when I'm coming on my period like it makes me feel faint and the pain is so unstoppable I've tried so many different tablets and tried a hot water bottle but nothing relieves it, it's a sharp dull pain xx

  • I would go to your gynecologist who might refer you to a physiotherapist if is something muscular. DO NOT let those doctors convince you it is all in your head. There are some real neglectful and uncaring doctors out there, just like there are good caring ones. Stand up, research, and fight for your rights as a patient. Some of these doctors want to bully us into thinking it is all in our heads, so they can avoid dealing with a complex condition. I say to those doctors, SHAME ON YOU!!. Keep looking and fighting for answers.

  • Thabkyou I really appreciate that and I'm only 16 I just feel it's so unfair every time I have tests done they can't find anything and it looks like I'm lieing when I'm still in this pain all they say is take paracetamol but that doesn't help

  • It really does sound like endometriosis hunni, I know the pain. Please get a referral to a gynaecologist but I suggest that you request one that experienced with the disease so that you get the right treatment. I had 22 years of being told go home and take pain relief like paracetamol and was only diagnosed 18 months ago at the age of 39 by then it had affected all my internal pelvic organs. If you can take you're mum with you do that and have her insist. It really is a very mis understood disease by most GPs and general gynaecologists' and the first sign is severe pain with periods. Good luck and take care xxx

  • Thankyou and oh no that must've been awful it may sound weird but it's good to know someone is experiencing the same thing :( xxxx

  • Ps I had loads of scans, ultrasound etc. and they don't usually pick it up in afraid, mine was seen on MRI done at a specialist endometriosis centre, previous to that I had been seen by about 4 different general gynaecologist. It is very mis understood hun and can take years to get a proper diagnosis. Do go onto health Unlocked endometriosis and look for a lady called Lindle, her posts are extremely informative xx

  • Have your doctors checked for pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis, you should see a gynecologist and get a good ultrasound

  • Yeah I have been waiting for my ultra sound since February! I rung the doctors and they said they'd get back but they haven't 🙄 Useless x

  • Do go over to the endometriosis site sweetie and read about it, get as much information and evidence that relates to you and take it to your doctor. I got told by my GP that teenagers are too young but my gynaecologist told me it's rubbish and that she was treating a 14 year old for it. Hope you go on ok xx

  • Thankyou and I'll take that in mind, my mum has an endometriosis so could it be linked cxxx

  • Hi hunni, yes its been proved there are genetic factors and you have a much higher chance of having it if a close relation such as mum or aunty has it, definitely tell your doctor this. Have you spoke to your mum about it? My mum and aunty both had it and it also looks like my cousin may have it too xx

  • Had my ultrasound scan and as usual nothing came up :( beginning to give up xx

  • oh sweet heart I'm so sorry you're not getting anywhere fast, I had the same problem. Did you speak to your mum? My daughter is really struggling and she's only 13 my GP has told us she could have endometriosis like me. All my ultrasound scans were always normal too I'm afraid, the only things they showed up were uterine polyps. Have you mentioned endometriosis to your doctor, tell them your mum has it. Good luck sweetie xx

  • I would wait to get the ultrasound results from your GP as it may not be endometriosis at your age.

  • This may sound weird but I was just told at the age of 44 that I have a big uterus. He said it's like a condo in there and that I have a muscle covering a larger area than most and when it tightens it causes that pain. I used to hurt so badly standing up I couldn't take it. But sitting with heat and pressure made it a little more bare able. Sounds like if you haven't seen a woman's surgical specalist it might help to see them and not just an obgyn. Took me several years but I have a start to an answer. 

  • That's quite interesting to be honest because everytime I go to te out of hours or my doctors they always say ive pulled a muscle because they can't see anything 

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