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Pelvic pain with post menepousal bleedinh

I've had chronic pelvic psi for more than one week now. I had to go to emergency room five days ago. They did a cat scan, ultra sound and a pelvic exam, they couldn't find anything wrong except that I was vaginal bleeding. Followed up the following day with my obgyn, they fit me in and I was in such a state they sent me across the rd to the hospital for an emergency D&C, I believe there were a number of procedures while they were there . Did feel a lot better after the procedure but it's all back, I'm worn out, tired and miserable I go back to obgyn in the morning

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I had a Hysteroscopy, but everything was fine, ie no malignancy or polyps.

The internal Ultrasound scan revealed a fibroid outside the womb ((above) but that was unrelated to the PMB, which I haven't experienced since.

Have you experienced any recent bowel problems /constipation?

Hopefully your obgyn will be able to find out what's happening.




Which Ultrasound scan did you have?

Did you have the Internal /Transvaginal one?

If not, then I would ask for this.



Chronic pain is pain that lasts for more than three months. You are still in the acute pain stage from whatever procedures you had done. It is normal to be in pain for a while, it can take up to six weeks to heal from surgery. Be kind to yourself, rest and give yourself time to recover. Pelvic pain is the pits, but I hope you feel better soon. I hope your appointment goes well, explain fully how you feel.


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