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Can prolapse cause lower back pain


New to this forum. I have a dr appt next Wednesday to see about prolapse. Over the last couple of months I have had Lower back pain which is really bad 1st thing in the morning and gets better the more I move around. This has coincided with me discovering the prolapse and wonder if the 2 are connected. I have had no real symptoms from the prolapse other than constipation and going to the toilet causes back pain to be worse

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I think this may be connected. Does relief come eventually after bowel movement?


I would imagine that in the case of prolapse the back pain would get worse as the day goes on as gravity pulls everything down. Lying down should ease the symptoms. Constipation can cause back ache. Best to let your doctor decide when you see him/her. Take care.


back pain could be conectend - what kind of prolapes - I have a retocele and it took ages to get dignosed - showed up on proctograme. I had loads of symptomes and the gps thought and still think I'm mad - this has stopped me getting the right treatmeant and referals and still is as I think I have uterus and bladder prolapes as well as the bowel which has been spotted - I am still waiting for an appointmeant for the hospital functional surgon. How long did you wait foryou appointment


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