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Pelvic organ prolapse after heavy lifting at work

Has anyone here had a pelvic prolapse after lifting?

And developed pain and feeling of heaviness in abdomen, also have something protruding out of my vagina about an inch at times anyone tried one of those inversion swing things for this disorder?? Thanks any info would be great, too much info on the net to get a clear answer, doc say pelvic organ prolapse and possible vagina prolapse.

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I hope some folk step forward for you and give advice. Have you had children or a partial hysterectomy? Just wondering why this happened to you, was your pelvic area weakened somehow?

Are you able to claim against your work due to the heavy items that caused this?. Look into whether you got formal training on lifting, a Health n Safety video shd have been shown to you in your workplace.

Good luck it sounds horrendous for you.

I hope others step forward!


Beware - very long post!

Oh what a relief to find someone in a similar position, although I am obviously sorry that you are in the same boat! And I haven't really any advice to offer as yet but here goes.

I have recently been told I have a vaginal vault prolapse and i need keyhole surgery. I believe my bladder and possibly my bowel are pushing on the vagina. This causes me problems regarding those bodily functions! Like you this causes the vagina to protrude out on and off most days in my case. And I still get the heaviness in my lower abdomen that you describe.

I had a hysterectomy (for prolapse) in 1995 and apparently it's not unusual for the same thing to happen eventually to other pelvic organs etc due to pelvic muscle weakness.

Looking back I can recall the pain and discomfort over a period of time which was probably when the muscles started to give way. I even went to my then GP who didn't make the connection and sent me packing. I think possible causes were, in the past, lifting heavy objects at work and more recently carrying my 18 month old grandson up and down several flights of stairs at his flat during his first year. But in his case 'that's life' and I wouldn't have it any different!

I would like to avoid surgery but think it's inevitable. It's not just the physical symptoms that bother me but the emotional side-effects are not good. When it's a bad day I can hardly walk due to extreme discomfort and that really affects my mood. My heart sinks and I feel very low. When things improve physically my mood lifts slightly.

Are you the same? And what treatment have you been offered - if any? I haven't heard of the inversion swing thing you mention. I've heard of cones which are weighted and you insert. Think they're meant to help re-train the muscles.

Also I've heard of ring pessaries but I've not been offered any of these trratments. I've obviously tried pelvic floor exercises now and down the years but am not sure if I exercise the right places!!! I thought I might seek a physio who specialises in such things - if such a person exists!

Anyhow I know I haven't offered any great knowledge or help but I'd be interested in exchanging further experiences and hearing what anyone else has to offer.

Good luck and I hope things are getting you down too much.

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Have Pelvic floor prolapse, largely due to producing 3 large babies, having a hysterectomy and crewing on boats which is heavy work. . At doctors advice am trying natural remedies before I launch into an operation. I have a pessary inserted, not a ring, i forget the name, but looks a bit like a babies pacifier. Took 3 types to get the right one. It works very well. So am doing the exercises and yoqi every morning. There are physiotherapists that specialise in Pelvic Floor exercise. Necessary to get exercises right or you could do more damage than good. I live in West Indies, on the island I live on this luxury is not available , so am doing them on you tube , a program called FEMFUSION, with Dr. Bri. Have done really well and pelvic floor strength is certainly returning. My Doctor is very pleased with results of my efforts. The only drawback is sex, pessary has to be removed, but works out easily enough.

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That's great info - thanks Grashop45 . I'm annoyed with myself for not pushing for non-surgical treatment first. But I think the Specialist said my prolapse is grade3, or at least the next to final grade. Anyhow with your info and account of your personal experience I feel suitably motivated now to take matters into my own hands while I wait for my next appointment with the surgeon which is on 1st December. I'll follow the link you gave for video and also look for a local physio specialising in pelvic problems etc and maybe get some advice from my GP about the cones and pessary. I don't want to waste any more time. Today has been a difficult day regarding the degree of discomfort and it's not been a particularly heavy physical or busy day!

I hope you continue to make good progress and would love to know whether you manage to avoid surgery. Keep up the exercises etc!


Forgot to mention that prolapse is graded as a moderate AA+ .Not sure if it is same grading as you would have, but was very uncomfortable and tiring. Felt like I was sitting on a squashy ball sometimes. I had historectomy. 2 of my babies were twins. All 3 delivered with forceps . So, at 72, feel I am doing quite well. Did not start this routine until May this year. Never tried cones. Good luck with everything.

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Thanks that's really interesting Grashop45. Your grading seems different to the UK. But your description of how it feels etc seems pretty similar. Our history is similar too. I'm 69. I've only had one son though, he's 41. Had a long labour with forceps delivery. Then prolapse and hysterectomy 19 years later.

I find the frequency of symptoms so unpredictable and can't really work out any particular pattern to 'bad' days and 'less bad' days - so just deal with it. I do have spells of a day or so when its not so severe but am never really free of it these days. At times i feel quite hampered by it, I just want to continue living a full, busy and healthy life! Anyhow it's good to hear someone else's story. And I do feel encouraged by your example of self-help. I've found the Femfusion programme you mentioned and will get to grips with tomorrow. I'm a walker mainly but thought I'd try and get some more swimming in too. Hopefully I'll feel some improvement. Keep you posted!


Had historectomy when I was 27 , due to cancer. Am a walker also and love swimming. Am in right part of world for that, although recently it has caused an infection, cleared up Now. NEVER go to in a public pool, which was my mistake, usually go in the sea.

My son's are 50 and twins 49. They are 10 months apart.

So , keep up the good work ! I am preparing to leave here for a few weeks in Scotland, Xmas shopping etc.

Will be interested in your progress .

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I found the femfusion site too very good info, seems like the only place to get help my dr has recommended that I do physical therapy that starts in about a week, youtube has a lot of info, I am on lifting restrictions for work, but have been a hard worker my whole career 10+ hours each day and heavy lifting repetitive during my shifts, mine wentin a little but after working long hours right back out and discomfort, I was amazed to find out that something like 75% of women develop this after 50 +, I just turned 60 thanks to all who responded hard to find someone to talk to about it, kind of embarrassing, again thanks and everybody hang in there, I saw that surgery is not helpful, better to try to strengthen whats left so that is what I am going to try

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Seems many of us in same boat was amazed at the amount of women who have this including my cousin. I also found the FEMFUSION brilliant. Check out THE KEGAL QUEEN, bit of a strange name, but good general info. I complement the FEMFUSION by doing the yoqi with Marisa. So relaxing , get active.

Good luck

Keep us informed !

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Thanks deecity and Grashop45 for raising the issue and all this great info. I've picked up the exercises again and hopefully I'll be a bit fitter in the pelvic area in time for my next appointment - with the surgeon this time. I've got more questions to ask now and hopefully better informed regarding my options! Apart from the physical, gynaecological side of producing three lusty boys in ten months Grashop45 how on earth did you cope on a daily basis in those early years?!!! Amazing woman! Enjoy your Scottish holiday. Keep you posted.


sorry am over type but seem to have to repost this a few times I lose the screen, but just wanted to tell you about a video I found on wholewoman,com kinda like cat/cow but kneeling or on all fours or leaning over does feel ok and if it helps I will continue yo do I want to exercise out of this if at all possible good luck to all, kind of scary but keep trying that is all GOD asks of us

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Oops sent too soon! Many thanks see city will look it up. Yes we'll try anything to feel better! Some great ideas here. Good luck. deecity

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Morning Deecity

This is also to Grannydoug and Grashop45

Happy Christmas eve to all fellow pelvic pain sufferers!

Really interesting to read your posts

I have suffered lower back pain on and off all my life - i'm now 52, gardener, 2 sons - been to ostoeopaths, had massages, regular exercises; walking and yoga, rested etc but never really got to the bottom of real causes or found a good solid solution.

Recently had a series of bad incedents that left me stranded on my stomach on a sofa for 6 weeks! Namely furniture shifting and a sofa that got away! Wrenched me sideways - fine at the time but next day couldn't move - at all!

A combination of events led to this - extreme overwork, both mental and physical over 6 years, going through the menopause and moving house 3 times!

I had a scan of my lower spine to rule out or check for slipped discs etc - all good on that front - phew!

So, muscular then - can highly recommend cranio sacral treatment for all our hidden stresses and strains - has worked wonders in releasing muscle tension held over many years

However, still have that awful bearing down feeling, heavy weight in my lower abdomen, lower back pain but realise now it's pressing against my spine from the inside! General feeling of inertia ( not my normal state of being )

Sitting in chairs or on sofas has always exacerbated the problem.

Lying on my back ok but hell to get up!

Best position is on knees and elbows but that's highly impractical

It came to a head on wed when i felt as if i was in labour! Amazing how that long forgotten pain memory rears it's head and you're right back there!

Hands and knees for over an hour and a large dose of aloe vera colon cleanser helped - realised something was pressing on my bowel which in turn was what was pressing on my spine

Immediately thought of all terrible possibilities and my own mortality, booked an appointment for internal examination and had a chat with my new, very good, yoga teacher - 'prolapsed womb' she said, she had one from catching a sofa!!

The bell rang and everything clicked - of course!


Made worse due to menopause; the lack of oestrogen leads to a weakening of ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones - we have to do more exercise and less work ladies!

I have a series of tests and examinations booked to rule other things out, just in case, but am pretty sure it's a prolapse, complicated by the fact i have a posterior facing cervix

And i have been given the name of a Bowen practitioner - next step on from an ostoeopath - as they specialise in muscular conditions

Obviously stepping up my pelvic floor exercises, yoga starts again after new year and luckily have a very restful festive season - although i would have preferred to sort out my garage!!

Sorry to witter on but it's been so useful to put my thoughts into some order

Must find another cushion for my elbows!

Have a great Christmas



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