Prolapse: Posterior Repair

I have just had a posterior Prolapse repair...4-5 days on, I have chronic pain in the rectum and vulva feels like golf balls; feels like a canon ball pressing down. Bowels opening without warning. Does anyone know if these things are usual? My recovery was great, up and walking same day but this rectal pain and swollen vulva prevents even walking. When washing, I am sure that I felt stitches but decided to ignore it! I thought everything was sewn up, not spilling out like this. Thanks. Gayle

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  • Sounds like you need to go and get everything checked over to make sure there is no infection. It is early days if you are only 4-5 days post op, but don't let them say it is normal post op shouldn't hurt so much so you cannot walk. You could try phoning up the ward you were on, they could help you. Let us know how you get on. Take care.

  • Thank you. I will call ward tomorrow but I am stressing after all I have read about PN! I was not advised about such as a possible, post op complication. I am hoping that it is just swelling and all will be well! I will let community know.

  • Don't get stressed about it just yet, you are still probably very swollen and sore from the op. Stress will increase the pain. Do lots of deep belly breathing and relax all your muscles.

  • I called ward today and was somewhat put at ease. However, she was surprised that I had no control over my bowels at present! What concerns me is that I was informed that each day would be better than yesterday. As I was discharged with very little pain, this was great news. The opposite is true and each day has been worse by far. And I am a tough cookie; many ops and up and running after C-Section, natural births, miscarriages, laser treatments and appendectomy to name a few. But this has floored me, both with pain level and inability to move. Went for a walk today and pain was distracting, lost control of bowel and in unbearable pain for an hour after. Still in pain. I am telling myself that this is 'good'....the knitting together of wounds just tightening and smarting with the bowel problem due to the shock it has received., which will settle. No temperature or other nasties, so decided to write this week off....and pray. Sorry for rant, but also alone at present as family absent. I wanted to ask if I should be doing pelvic floor exercises or if this info was generic. Have visions of doing more harm but forgot to ask today. Bowel problem suggests probably muscles need massaging. What do you think? Many Thanks.

  • I don't think you should be massaging g any muscles until you are healed. Could you be seen by the consultant if the pain doesn't ease? Not having control over bowel doesn't sound good. I'd get that checked if it doesn't improve. It is early in your recovery though, just rest lots and hopefully things will mend well. Take care.

  • Heaven forbid! No, I did not mean literally massaging; perish the thought. I meant with reference to pelvic floor exercise.

    Thanks very much for your responses: I am just resting, sleeping and hoping.

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