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Severe Pain on period after ventral rectopexy


I was wondering if anyone got extreme pain on their first menstrual bleed after a ventral rectopexy. I'm in really bad pain and bleeding. I had my op on 2nd March. 4 wks ago. I'm not sure if I've gone back to activities too soon. I went back to work 2 wks after. Has this happened to anyone else. I may need to go to walk in. Thanks.

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I would imagine your first period could be more painful after internal pelvic surgery. I had the same op last year but no longer have periods. Make sure you have adequate pain relief and rest for a few days. Your body needs time to recover from surgery. Having keyhole surgery it can be easy to forget although the external wounds heal quickly, whatever was done internally needs time to heal. Two weeks us quite early to go back to work. Maybe it would be good to seek medical advice. Take care and hope you feel better soon.


Thank you. I was up with it most of night and although I'm not meant to take it, ibuprofen helped most. So I'm thinking it's more like inflammation. I'm also struggling to have BM and it hurts my back when I try. Thanks soo much for your reply. Xxxx


You need to take some laxatives to make BMs soft and easy. Avoid straining while it all heals. Internally it will take at least 6 weeks to heal.


Thanks soo much x


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