Ventral mesh rectopexy

Had this surgery done last year to repair rectal muscle prolapse and strengthen whole pelvic floor area. 1year on, the muscles are in spasm and when needing BM the muscles do not empty rectum fully. Use Peristeen water irrigation which helps but wondered if there was anything I could do to improve things while awaiting physio? Can anyone else relate at all?

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  • Yup. But I ended up with an ileostomy. Try big doses of magnesium. May help a bit.

  • Yikes, ileostomy sounds drastic...but did it improve your symptoms? Did you have similar surgery to me prior to this? Thanks

  • Yes, had perineal.descent rectocele and internal rectal.prolapse. I had pelvic floor spasm with bad constipation and outlet obstruction that physio helped. Then I had a sigmoid resection rectopexy which caused colonic inertia. I have had intractable abdominal pain ever since. Even irrigation doesnt work - worked prior. Then I had a ventral biomesh rectopexy since the initial rectopexy failed. My prolapse symproms were better but I developed horrible vaginal pain. I have now had tge scar tissue from the ventral rectopexy removed which showed chronic inflammation and the pain is better. The ileostomy helped the gut symptoms when nothing else did. Imo - rectopexies are bad bad news.

  • I can relate totally to what you've described. I just have a fear further surgery won't completely help. I have pelvic floor physio starting in the new year so I hope I get some relief...but I can't help but feel the prolapse is still there (although to a lesser extent than previously) as I never feel I get a complete BM. Hmm, what is the next stage do you if physio or further surgery won't help?

  • Hi

    You've probably already tried this, but I found using cosmocol every day really helped with bowel movements. Stopped constipation and made it much easier to empty bowel (after trying lots of other supposedly laxatives which were useless).

  • Never heard of cosmocol. Is it available in UK? Thank you

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