Pudendal nerve block

I am having a pudendal nerve block Monday for chronic pelvic pain. I had sacral and pelvic nerves along with nerves to the bladder damaged during surgery. I am really curious how long it takes for pain to subside after the block and how long it lasts.

Hope you will reply

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  • only 3 days after starting the combination of Nefopam and Pregabalin the pain disapeared.

    9 months later I am still free of bladder/uretheral pain. I hope this is useful.

  • Good Luck, hope it helps!

    Interested to hear how it goes for you.


  • Hello,

    I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you. I have had a total of now 12 nerve blocks including 2 ganglion impar blocks. 2 radio frequencies also. The relief should be immediately. How long it last is different for everyone. Mine lasted for 3 beautiful days. That was the longest out of all of them for me. 100% pain free though. I have a friend now going in almost 2 weeks and the pain with him is returning gradually. But he also was pain free 100%. Unfortunately the doctor only did one side for him. I will suggest this to you. If the doctor is only doing one side insists he does both. This is my reasoning. How could you possibly feel the entire relief and know that it is working well when we know the nerves cross talk to one another and you will be feeling the pain in the side the doctor didn't do. It will cloud your mind and your way of thinking about the relief. Insist on having both sides done if the doctor only wants to do one side ok. I'll be praying for you. Deb🙋🏻🦋

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