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Pudendal nerve block

I did it ! After much deliberation and the off putting comments not to go ahead with it.

But, from what I think, it worked. Dr Greenslade did the nerve block in spire hospital in Bristol. He was £300 for the consultation and £95 for the anaesthetic to do the block. He did it via ultrasound.

I was pain free almost immediately, and it lasted for three hours. I don't know if it's meant to last any longer .. But if that's long enough then it worked!

I had it on Thursday and I still haven't had a call back from him yet... So I will wait and see what he suggests and whether he thinks it worked from my feedback.

The block itself does hurt while he's doing it. And I was in a lot of pain the next day when it wore off. But apparently that can happen. No worse than I normally am though and I'm glad I went even for the chat with him. He's a very nice man who will give you his honest opinion.

As for the surgery, that is something that will take a lot of thought. As he said it works in 70% of cases. At the moment I will just be happy with a diagnosis.

But the point of this is only you can make your mind up. If you think about it, more or less it will only be the people who have had bad experiences that are going to be commenting on here. This was a positive experience in my opinion, he knows his stuff and will point you in the right direction if you decide the nerve block is not for you.

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Glad it worked for you. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. I agree, we can only decide what is best for ourselves. We are all different and require different ways to manage/treat our condition. Specialist help is the key I believe, not people who have no knowledge or experince with PN 'having a go' with various meds etc. it is just a pity we have to pay for the specialist help. Maybe one day there will be some NICE guidelines for PN. Would love to hear more positive stories about treatments on here. Take care. Xx


I completely agree! It's taken two years to get some sense out of someone! Trust your instinct.

Thanks a lot :) Xx


70% seems stretched. Do they actually have statistics for this ?


what do you mean? and no I don't know about statistics


The experts in France only give a 44% success rate, and that success is considered you can sit through a film at the cinema.


oh well worth a go, I have no other choice.


Hi I've just read your post and found it to be inspiring as I too am deciding on having the same procedure. Good to hear a bit of positive feedback. I wish you well.


I'd just go with your gut. ignore the negative comments you have from strangers and make your own mind up. in my opinion the nerve block was worth it because they have now given me a diagnosis. Thank you and if you have any questions feel free to inbox me :)


Hi, I'm so glad it worked out for you. I've had so many nerve blocks and they've never worked for me but my specialist feels I have nothing to lose as I have nothing left to try but this last one. I feel so foolish for asking, but this is the one where the Dr. goes in from behind to the pelvic floor? I think I'm suffering from info overload.


Yes he goes into your butt cheek!! Hahah to put it exactly :') my pain is in the left side of my pelvis so he did it into the left side ...

It is like info overload isn't it. I've had two years of searching and staying up late looking online for answers :/ makes you go a bit mad lol. I'm glad I went for the nerve block though. It's given me a diagnosis. And although I'm not going to go for the surgery just yet, I know it's always an option.

I am going to try pelvic floor therapy and everything else I do for a little longer before I go down the surgical route. I hope this nerve block works for you and you find something that can help ease the pain x

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Hi, did you have anesthetic only block or was it steroid too? I saw Dr Greenslade on Monday and had anesthetic nerve block in both sides under CT guidance. After I was aching at the top of my bum where he'd injected.Did you find the same?

When I sat in the waiting room after I was ok sitting just felt a bit numb. I then drove home which is 1&1/2 hours up the motorway back up to Worcestershire.

All the way back my pelvic bones were aching.The sitting bones in particular.When I got home and lay on the sofa my bum just ached but I didn't notice the usual tingling,cramping feeling I get normally.

You say you had relief for 3 hours, were you totally pain free for that time? And we're you sitting down?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just a bit unsure as to whether it worked for me or not!

How are you doing now? Have you been back for decompression surgery?



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