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Second pudendal nerve block

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Since receiving a diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia earlier on this year, I will be attending wythinshawe hospital again soon for my second pudendal nerve block. Last one was done trans-vaginally but Dr DeMello now has the ability to use DR guidance to administer the nerve block via my buttock region.

Have had moderate results from the first one I h ad in March so hoping the next one will help as well.

I have dedicated myself to managing this dreadful condition n am feeling more positive about life than I have felt in a long time.

Being struck down with pudendal neuralgia at 28 years of age was pretty soul destroying as I'm sure any fellow sufferers will understand, but I no longer let it constantly dictate my life x

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That was supposed to read CT guidance, silly predictive texts :)

Hi I had my first injection on left side with Dr Demello in August under CT guidance I was surprised at the fact I never felt a thing.. I have had moderate relief but I also think right side is also effected i will be having second one in December

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Cardinal in reply to Kphee21

Kphee, how long have the results lasted so far? I had dismissed getting the block because everyone on pudendalhope said it hadn't worked for them, but your post is giving me hope it may work.

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Kphee21 in reply to Cardinal

Hi I had my 1st injection on 22nd August It is having some effect on left side but as I mentioned right side is also effected. I do have other things going on they suspect pelvic congestion also. I was worried about having the injection but never felt a thing and it has had some benefit for me it is still there but more bearable

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Cardinal in reply to Kphee21

Good to hear it lasted 4 weeks already!

so sorry to hear you have this at 28 years I will keep you and all of you who suffer in my prayers that is all I sadly can offer you.

I also have sacral nerve trouble with SI joint and coccyx pushed back any remedies or comments from others would be appreciated

I go for my first pudental nerve block this Tuesday. What can I expect right after the nerve block? Pain, able to go to work the next day? Etc.

Were you able to do somewhat normal daily life after the nerve block? I have my first one this Tuesday. What should I expect?

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Kphee21 in reply to Acallahan

I was able to drive and go to work the next day

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Acallahan in reply to Kphee21

Thank you. No one ever says what to expect. I have read several side effects that concerned me. Also people saying they had difficulty walking......

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Kphee21 in reply to Acallahan

Dr said sometimes you may get leg weakness for 24 hours but I was fine as where the other ladies that had it done on the same day as myself, felt numb in buttocks for a few hours but that was a wonderful feeling no pain or discomfort at all. Where are you having your injection at

my 1st shot lasted 3 months vaginally, just got my 2 one so far so good, it was in my left buttock. ;-)

Acallahan I was fine after my first due in work the next day too so fingers crossed that this one gross as well x

Hope you get some relief x

I hope you do well! My first block is this afternoon.

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