Hemorrhoids or fissure or pudendal Nueralgia?

Hi. I'm 73 years old. At 57 I had a colonoscopy, & had a extreme reaction to the preparation for the colonoscopy. I had the colonoscopy the next day, & was left with Rectal pain, & unable to digest food. First told I had a fissure, then told I had levator syndrome, then put on Fentynal patch for excruciating pain. I've been managing using Valium & Celebrex, Fentynal, but 2 years ago the pain became unbearable, & ive been home bound ever since. I may have pudendal Nuralgia. I've had many injections (Alcocks epidural) & many more, with no help. Recently got SIBO(small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) & am on FODMAP Diet & took Xifaxin several times. The breath test showsed positive for SIBO originally. I'm doing better with digestion, but now have a small hemorrhoid which my Rectal surgeon has repeatedly injected, but it's still there. If I have more than 1 BM a day, I go into excrutiating pain. I'm wondering if I could have a small fissure which starts to heal & then re-tears. I want to go see a famous Dr. in Arizona, Nevada, (Dr. Hibner) but can't sit at all. I'm very depressed & a prisoner of my home. I think this is the worst health description on this blog. Any suggestions? I'm not fat, & have a great husband. I just had a normal MRI on Tesla3 0n my spine. It's hard for me to even get to a doctor.

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  • After nearly 2 years of tests, I was diagnosed with Levator Syndrome. I also had zibo, and my pain becomes worse after bowel movements. I went to the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL where I had botox injections. I haven't had much improvement yet, but I remain hopeful as someone else on this blog is pain free after 4 injections spaced 3 months apart. What kind of doctor is Dr. Hibner and where does he practice? I would keep seeking help even if it is hard to get there! Never give up! Good luck and keep sharing on this blog, so we can all help each other:)

  • Thank you for your help! Dr. Hibner is a gynacoligist, & does a lot of surgery for PN entrapment. He's pretty famous & is a expert on Pudendal Nueralgia. He is in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm trying to figure out how I can get there, since I can't sit. I was thinking maybe rent an RV, & lay down in the bed, while my husband drives.

  • Thanks for your help! I'm thinking I need to try Botox injections also. The problem is finding a close Dr who can do them, & knows what they're doing. There is a rectal Dr I found on the Internet who does Botox shots, so I'm going to call her tomorrow. I hope they help you! This is a horrible disability, & it's hard not to get discouraged. I think my depression over this is really getting to me.

  • check out The Dellon INsutitute, Dr. A. Lee Dellon, I had surgery to remove the damaged nerves and am completley pain free week 9 post surgery!!

    Best of Luck

  • It is hard not to get discouraged and depressed with this kind of pain! I am going to a neurologist who does a lot of botox injections for other conditions such as migraine headaches, Parkinson's etc.. She uses an EMG which allows her to listen to the spasming while watching it on a computer screen. She is very conservative on the first injection (probably why I haven't noticed a big difference yet) as she doesn't want to cause other problems such as incontinence. Someone on this blog also recommended a Physiatrist, Dr. Michael Redmond in Columbia, SC who does some testing/treating pelvic floor dysfunction which I was not familiar with.

  • Try SCD diet( Special Carbohydrate Diet) on line. This may help the SIBO. You may be getting backed up because of the fissure situation and muscle spasms. Cook with good fats olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado.

  • I will check out the diet. Right now I'm not constipated. I'm on a glueten free diet.

  • I feel so so sorry for you Adel 1. My problem seems small in comparison! Wish you well! xx

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