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Left abdominal pain/hip and pain near vaginal area


I'm a 37yr female . I've had a appendectomy, and hysterectomy. Around 9 months ago my left side started having pain near belly button and into left hip . Also pain near groin to left of vaginal opening .. pain is severe and disabling. Have had cat scan/MRI and ultrasound and only thing doctor says is that I have inflammation. I'm a very active person and use to workout everyday however I haven't been able to do anything without severe pain ..... very frustrated .....

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We are twins! (Unfortunately). I am also 37 with hysterectomy. my pain is lower left pelvis radiating into my groin. I also used to be very active. I would do some sort of high energy fitness 6 days a week and now for the last two years I am lucky if I have the ability to walk around the block. I too have had mri, c.t. scan, ultrasound, colonoscopy, and laparoscopy to try and determine where and why I have pain. I have been told That I look great with no sign of pathology. the only thing they can come up with is possibly my ilioinguinal nerve is being compressed however I have done nerve blocks in the area and it didn't touch the pain. I'm ready to pull my hair out.

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