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Constant pain

Hello. Six years ago I became very ill. All doctors kept saying I had a bladder infection but I didn't feel that I did. Every scan, examination showed nothing. I went on antibiotics for six months and slowly got better. I bled from my back passage at the start and upon an internal scan 3 years later of the anal passage it was found that I had scar tissue from a chronic infection but it's never been documented only verbalised. I've had pudenal blocks which haven't worked and many other steroid injections. All of this pain now is accompanied with extreme right rib pressure which baffles all specialists. Over the years I've dealt well with the pain it was the unwell feeling i was depressed about. I'm so confused as to what it is causing the pain. Was it an abscess, is it my pudenal nerve, is it scar tissue in my rectal area. I don't know what to do as the pain has flaired up again and is making me ill again. Does the pudenal nerve pain make you feel shaky and ill? I know many of you on here are in the same boat so would really appreciate some of your thoughts.

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Yes because pelvic pain effects and plays havoc with your nerves and central nervous system and how your brain perceives pain.


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