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Post Mesh Nerve Damage


Hi everyone,

I have had 12 surgeries to remove trans vaginal mesh, causing nerve injury and/or damage.

It's been about a year since the last removal, supposed to have removed all the remaining mesh. The pain is still here, I have had numerous blocks, ablations, physical therapy....

I am just wondering if the nerves ever heal? Is there any way to image the pelvic nerves in order to see if there is any severe damage or compression by scar tissue or maybe pelvic tendon/fascia that has moved and is pressing on nerves? My pelvic floor doctor here in town says more surgery will only cause more scar tissue! But if surgery removes scar tissue or releases a tendon wouldn't that be worth it? The pain is really overwhelming me,(it's all I think about these days) it's been here for 10 years and I am ready to just give up. :( I have been on opiates, now on gabapentin only.

My recent addition is medical marijuana, here in Michigan medical marijuana is legalized, so I have my card. I take a tincture once a day which helps as well.

If anyone has any ideas/experience on long term nerve recovery I welcome any and all suggestions and personal stories.

thank you everyone for your kind support!

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I am so sorry to hear about all your surgeries and pain. I am only on this site because my consultant has ruled out an operation for my intersussepcion at the moment but says they can try surgery for my rectocele. She said probably not with mesh because of the problems with it. I guess you must know all about that and I'm really sorry. I don't have any medical or pain relief answers but have you ever thought of trying a spiritual healer (not necessarily a Church one) or a psychic surgeon? I realise this might sound wacky and I am not a wacky person but sometimes you have to consider other alternatives especially if you are in so much pain.

I know of a spiritual healer here (UK) but not any in the U.S. but I am sure there are some.

I hope you are ok with my 'out of the ordinary' suggestion and I hope you do manage to find some way of making your life bearable.

Best wishes.

StevenM in reply to Beezwax

I also use a spiritual healer - truly sensational and unique man....he is a healer and more, discusses your issues in great detail and gives you home exercises to do - based just to the east of London. I am not going to mention his name as this site is not intended for advertising - but if anybody is seriously interested, please message me.

Meshsurvivor in reply to StevenM

Hi Steven,

I am in the US, so I'll do some searching here and hopefully find someone who will help me.

You wouldn't happen to know anyone in the US?

thank you so much for your response. It's so nice to know I am not alone . :)

66crusader in reply to StevenM

Steven I am very interested in your spiritual healer I am in the UK and an hour from St P.

Beezwax in reply to 66crusader

I am not sure I am meant to advertise this information but try looking in Chelmsford. Not sure if it' s the same one Steven refers to.

Meshsurvivor in reply to Beezwax

Oh my, I love your response! I am open to anything and everything right now. I will do some research on your ideas. :)

Originally I had a rectocele, enterocele, and cystocele. Basically it was all collapsing. This was after a total hysterectomy.

The rectocele came back to a certain extent even after the mesh.

I have heard of using your own tissue to repair/hold up the collapsing area.

My therapist says I am the stages of mourning my old life and the life I thought I was to have. I believe that to be true.

thank you so much for responding, I truly appreciate it.

Have you tried a silicone pessary to hold it all up Thats a good alternative and non surgical Need a gynaecologist to measure your size

66crusader in reply to Beezwax

Cold you message me who your spiritual healer is please ? I am in the UK. Thank you

Mesh survivor since 2005. Unlikely you can remove all the mesh because it grows into tissue, there are screws, etc. Sounds like you have been thorough and creative in researching treatments. Anything that calms your body, nervous system, emotional, etc. will help. Beware of exercises and physical therapy which may help other people, but inadvertently inflame your individual pain areas. For example, I can do a mild swimming program but NOT regular water aerobics which strains core muscles. Hope you have specialized legal advice. The complications have completely changed my life, but am trying to be open-minded and curious about the future.

Thank you so much for your reply! It's so good to hear from someone else who is figuring/figured out the exercise issue. In my case, I am advised not to comment on any legal content, and no screws for me, if you know the manufacturer and name of your mesh you can research it and check out what it looks like. I had posterior and anterior done.

I saw one of the best if not the best surgeon in the country , all he does every day is remove pelvic mesh. I think my remaining issue is damage of tissue, scar tissue and nerve damage/injury. I would love to hear more about what types of exercise you do and examples of what I might try?

Swimming sounds really good right now. I do miss my long walks... :(

My physical therapist modified some basic exercise to avoid straining core muscles involved in mesh complications. For example, to stretch my legs I stand about 12-15 inches away from a wall and lean forward as if I were doing a pushup. This in alternative to sitting on floor with legs extended and leaning over to touch my toes, which squashes my stomach. Instead of walking outdoors in the dark, cold, and icy winter I walk in a mall or my large apt. building wearing headphones. I have several fairly level walking routes instead of the hills I could previously manage. A mild swim back stroke stretches my core because mesh survivors tend to hunch over forward. I have a body worker (licensed massage therapist with medical specialty) who focuses on releasing scar tissue and muscle spasm. I have given up comparing myself against recommended exercise charts and focus on what I can do without increasing pain. I would love to bounce and get in the groove with music to walk, but for me that is a quick way to end up in bed. Good luck.

I really appreciate you responding! It sounds like the both of us have a unique exercise "challenge". For me, the idea that there is someone else out there facing the same issues on a daily basis helps me cope.

I need to find a massage therapist..and get back to the vaginal physical therapy.

thank you again. :)

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