Is Pudenal nerve damage ALWAYS painful? Or can you experience symptoms without the pain?

Hi all. I have symptoms that are a pretty accurate description of what I have read about Pudenal malfunctions, but I am not in pain. I experience daily (intermittent) tingling of the uppermost part of the vulva (near the clitoris) when in laying, standing and seated postion (except when I am driving, weirdly) and feel intermittently like there's a foreign body in my rectum despite having had it examined and confirmed there's nothing there. There's no pain to speak of, just this weird haunting symptom. My question is, is this common as an onset to Pudenal nerve issues? Am I to expect pain to follow, and it to worsen? The GP has prescribed me Gabapentin, but I am not sure why, as I feel no pain - yet? I have taken a couple, one a day at night before bed but it doesn't seem to do anything. Can someone please share their thoughts with me on this? Thanks!

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  • I've never heard of it not being painful, but tingling could be a nerve symptom. The gabapentin calms the nervous system, reducing symptoms but takes a while to build up in your system. Take care.

  • Thank you! I'm going back to the GP to be referred so hopefully I wil get some answers :)

  • Hi Trumpetchick, I personally went over a year having PN without having actual pain symptoms. I had horrible discomfort/ loss of sensation In simular areas as you mentioned. So In my opinion you can definitely have PN without having actual "pain.". I got reinjured by a heath care provider witch eventually led to actual stabbing shooting pain. I recommend getting an opinion from a Pelvic floor PT as if I didn't go to one I probably still wouldn't be properly diagnosed. Gabapenten is a horrible drug. Goodluck

  • Thank you for the reply! Much appreciated :) I will look into finding a pelvic floor PT. thank you!

  • Hello

    I been suffering from one and had a fai

    On my left hip. Woke up bottoms of feet totalling number, my groin nerves are worse not even better. Hip guy later told me my hip looks good. So frustrating. I could not distinguish the difference between the one and Iloguinal pain. I seriously should not be this young and can't drive and do housework. I really need my iloguinal nerve extracted surgically. Please forward any names. And if any of you know the down time?

    Thanks Warriors!

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