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Help please!!

Absolutely fuming.

Had an ultrasound scan yesterday in which the sonographer asked for another 2 sonographer's opinions and had me move to another room so she could use another machine to be extra sure she was seeing what she thought.

The scan showed I had an anteverted uterus, an endometrial 5cm cyst attached to my right ovary & a lot of free fluid also on the right side. The sonographer wrote on her report that she suspected I had endometriosis.

So the gynaecologist came to see me after to discuss the results. He bought along an information sheet on endometriosis and told me that he's 80% sure I have the condition and would need a laparoscopy to confirm this.

He also came back later on in the evening to give me information on contraceptive options to help with the hormones and symptoms of endometriosis.

However, I woke up this morning and a new gynaecologist came on the doctors rounds to see me. He seems to think that because I am having reoccurring UTI's that it is a bowel/bladder issue. He said he is 90% sure it's not endometriosis and would like to refer me to gastroenterologists. He told me to forget what I had been told yesterday and the cyst that had been found was an coincidental finding.

I am absolutely furious and shocked at the lack of professionalism and communication these doctors had. I am now worried about which doctor is going to write up the discharge notes and what they will say. Also that when I go home to my gynae consultant and ask for a laparoscopy she's not going to believe and see no reason to have one.

Any advice please?

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I would ask for copy of the hospital records and make sure both sets of notes are apart of your file. Along with the scans and tests. That is very unprofessional for sure. I have my own story about one side not talking to the other. You are going to have to take one thing at a time and one doc at a time until it is figured out. Do you have one doctor you can trust where you can lean on as a guide? I so get this frustration. Good luck to you!

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Honestly no I don't have a doctor or consultant that i would trust with this, that's why I post so often on here for advice 😭


At this point in my life I have seen this happen too many times with doctors. So frustrating! It is so hard to figure out these problems. I would say you know your body better than any doctor, google the issues and see what you think fits. You can always ask the first doctor who is 80% sure you have endometriosis to order the laparoscopy if you feel it is the right way to go. I agree with ljlmax, make sure both doctors opinions are in your record. I am sorry you're going through this. Doctors do need to learn to consult with one another and communicate. It is the last thing we need as patients to have this kind of thing mucking up the waters. Good luck with getting answers that will help you move on.


I wasn't at my local hospital so I can't really go back and ask the doctor who said about endo. Also the second doctor is the one who wrote up my discharge letter so all his opinions are in the discharge and mentions nothing about what the other doctor said which is annoying so I only have the ultrasound report as some kind of proof of the first doctors opinions.


Sorry to here this I got constant pressure in bladder issues but mine was always put down to bladder or urine infections but when they kept coming back clear and started getting bowel problems they told me mine was ibs one morning I woke up in agony and went to a&e one doctor suspected endometriosis and one suspected I had ibs I was in same situation my scan showed cyst on ovary and sonographer was certain I had endo and when I seen gynaecologist he was 90% certain I had endo I think if scan showed cysts and other issues very likely to be endo stick to ur guns don't let them fob u off like they have done with me I was dignosed with endo when I was 27 now 35 and had two Laps in the last 8 years Iv had it for hope u get answers soon best of luck hunni xx

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Never heard of this, I'll have a look into it, thanks!


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