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What is going On down there!?!?

Ok 43-year-old female. 5'6 215 lbs. No previous issues with uti or bladder problems. 1 month ago symptoms started after run in with body wash in the bath. Antibiotics cure only to have another run in with body wash. Antibiotics cure. Third time. No antibiotics. Here we are today with same symptoms as before + more

1. Slight pulling feeling in lower abdomen

2. Slow urination flow and hesitancy.

3. Urine burning skin when it touches it

4. Sometimes. Slight stubby feeling when almost done urinating

5. Vaginal pain. Like every once while a poke

6. Painful clitoris. Sometimes quick pain shot. Others mostly like its rubbing on something when itsnot

7. Seeing blood drop. In bottom of toilet. Not sure if urinary or vaginal

The area is not tender to touch. Urinalisys no uti. Ct urogram. No urinary problems. Everything looks good. It did find a 10.3cm cystic mass on one ovary. Gyno says not related to pains. Asked about IC. Diagnosis was no. Took diflucan. No yeast infection. Ice packs and heating pad relieve symptoms temporarily until they are removed. Took pyridium prescription to avoid pain in urethra at end of urination. Pyridium doesn't seem to work. Drink tons of water. Was just discomfort then slowly over 3 week period got worse. Went to gyno and she did pelvic exam didn't use jelly or anything just rubber gloves. Opened every crevice to look. After pain is worse.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know this has something to do with baths. Right when irritation happened I felt it immediatley. Uti like symptoms went away with antibiotics until irritated again.

I know this has to be an infection of some kind but docs will not give antibiotics or antiviral or any mess. Just say its irritated. Let it rest. Warm water wash only ( which i have been doing for 3 weeks )

I have severe anxiety and this is making it worse. Gyno gets upset with me over my fears. I seriously do not know what this is or if I will ever get it to go away. Very frustrated and scared. Help please.

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Hi...I was 18 months being sent to every "specialist" you could think of, basically no one had a clue and it was even suggested it was in my head. I finally saw a Consultant in London who diagnosed me straight away with Pudebdal neurpathy/neuralllgia. Some of your symptoms are similar it may be worth researching . I nearly lost my mind "not knowing"... however now it is living with it.I do hope you haven't the same problem, but it may give you some answers looking at similar conditions.

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Have you heard of intersestinal cystitis (painful bladder syndrome)?

I woul research it & talk to your doctor


I mentioned it. She did vaginal swabs. And I tested positive for bacterial.vaginosis. she put me on 7 days of metronizidole oral. I just dont know if its gonna work :(


Intersestinal cystitis cannot be diagnosed by a Gynacologist or with vaginal swabs you need to see a urologist

I had PID from bv and I was put on that, it cleared up really quickly and I felt a lot better


Almost all the urinary problems disappeared when I quit taking pyridium. The only thing I have now is a sore urethra and that makes peeing hurt if I pee too fast. I have lower abdominal pain but I'm also having breakthrough bleeding from the pill and a huge ovarian cyst. My skin burns when I pee and my clitoris area is sore and sensitive. Of course the blood and having to what a pad irritates everything.


Pelvic Inflammatory disease causes abdominal pain and Bacterial vaginosis causes irritation of the genitals, you might even get a yeast infection while on the antibiotic, don't freak out if you get headaches or are naouseous on it, metronizidole is known for side effects. Don't eat or drink anything with alchol including cough syrup or mouthwash.

Wait for the antibiotics to be over as for your other symptoms, when I feel a yeast infection and get irritated all over my vulva I take a sitz bath (just enough water to cover the very bottom of your abdomen (to limit any other bacteria) and use either baking soda, colodial oatmeal, or 1/2 cup of vinegar. If you don't want to add any of those try Epsom salts they'll help with the abdo pain. Just sit in the water for 30 min.

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