treatment in nantes france with professor roberts team

well just to update you all, i have just come back from france after tests and consults with the nantes team for my pudendal nerve problem. i now have this as a definite diagnosis and i now will be getting the funds together to go over and have surgery on both the left and right sides.

just wanted to let anyone that needs any info as to how i got on, being someone who doesnt speak french, with all aspects of my trip, just email me and if i can help i will


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  • Great news that your consultation went well and you have both a definite diagnosis and treatment plan in place. Thank you for the update

  • no problem, i hope i can help others with anything to do with going to nantes, we need to share these things to make it easier


  • Can I ask how much it cost for all the tests etc for the diagnosis? Did you have it all done on one day or did you spend a few days there? Thank you.

  • hi

    i had my 1st appointment on the monday morning with the dr who diagnoses, a lovely lady named dr levesque who examined me , then on tuesday morning i had a consult with the pain consultant dr rioult and on the same day a nerve block with the same dr.

    i also had an mdt meeting on the friday with all the doctors, there was a physiotherapist, the radiologist who was there at my nerve block, dr levesque, dr rioult and professor robert.

    it is quite unusual to have an mdt meeting the same week, but i did have surgery for the problem, so maybe that is why, but normally, so i am told you have to go back for this and the total for all of this was approx 650 euros (£540)

    hope that helps


  • Thanks Andrea. Xx

  • Hi Chillijava

    I live in Paris I would want to see if I can make in appointment, would you kindly share the contact details of drs at Nantes?

  • hi

    i dont have a phone number or email, but i think the best place to start would be with dr levesque, who diagnoses the conditions, she is on the 4th floor, urologie, hotel dieu, 1 place alexis ricordeau - 44093 nantes, cedex 1, i do have a number for the secretary of the hospital which is 0240083910, hope this helps


  • Thank you dear I will consult

  • Hi CJ, I dont live that far from .Nantes, next Dept.along. I do speak French though not fluently, when it's technical or medical though, fortunately I find theSpecialists I see near me do speak not bad English. But I sympathise with you for your visit if you don't speak any!

    I take it Prof Roberts isn't English - but wonder and where is what is the pudenal nerve?

    I ask because I'm sure my (feet/fingers misshapen bones) , are due to CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) . It was 2 wks ago i saw my Haemotologist (Le Mans) its only a CHM (Medicine) Hosp not a CHU (University) one - but he said at the end of appt. he thinks it's caused because of my Thyroid - I have Hashimoto's - 1 of 2 auto-immune conditions diagnosed since moving here. I know nerve damage is part of Thyroid problems that occur before or once autoimmunity is diagnosed

    I did ask him to refer me to Angers to see the blood and CMT specialist there. He wouldn't - but is going to refer me to "a Rheumatologist" somewhere - perhaps it will be your Prof :-) I am aware of nerve sclerosis of via the thyroid UK website. which really started my whole health history research and this what I discussed with my Haemo!

    My own GP here was of course v sceptical. The things I found out for myself........, including checking out different meds for contraindications, given on (I use the .com site out of habit cos I found that for myself) and drug names here in French aren't always the same if they are the cheaper versions for the health system - same system these days as in UK I know using generic meds........basically made me stop taking all meds. Ok some problems haven't gone, but my head is clearer, less foggy, less pain, My thinking and mental attitude is generally better, at 69!

    I can't wait to receive the appointment to see a Rheumatologist - and wonder if any of above rings any bells with anything that started your problems off.

    Tonight 9pm on UK TV there are 2 progs - 1 - ch5 - On Benefits - about the system and Drs opinions - these things form opinions as to whether people will have benefits stopped!

    2- bbc1 - The Dr who gave up prescribing drugs! As I stopped taking mine - I'd be interested in what is said so will watch that one!

    Well done on your Diagnosis! Hope things improve for you!

  • the pudendal nerve, from what i know, enters through the sacral area and then spilts into 2, maybe 3 branches, that supply the pelvic, vulval and anal areas, so any pain in this area could be due to this nerve.

    i am not really sure what started the problem, could have been a full hysterectomy i had years ago, slight trauma to to my spine 5 years ago or something else, no one really knows

  • Andrea tell me please how you have a Appoitment in France. Is very difficult to contact this office. I want to make a Appoitment but never have answer.

  • i did it through judy on this website, you could email her, i think she is away at the moment,but when she comes back she will sort things out for you


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