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Hi everyone hope you are all well I am just back from the doc and I was telling her about the multi disciplinary and telling her what doctors are going to be there and she said you might find there will be a psychologist there as this pain can be all in your head see if I hear that one more time how can pain this bad be all in your head anyway she has upped my pregablin 25mg weekly until I am on 100mg a week along with amytrip 100mg at night so I will see how that does meanwhile my daughter has just text me she got a phone call from the hospital I have to go to the physio clinic tomorrow believe it or not I have been on this sight and that's me just learned how to use it being 70yrs old not used to all this technology. All my love. Janebee xx

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  • I saw a pain psychologist at my local pain clinic. She was not there to tell me it was all in my head, but to help me come to terms with the pain. Life has to change to accommodate the pain, you almost have to start living with it, making time for rest and planning things around/with it rather than fight it. It is similar to the bereavement process in that there are many stages to go through before acceptance comes. That doesn’t mean giving up on treatment though. Hope that makes sense. I think dices tend to refer to central sensitisation and pain wind up as ‘in your head’ but itheyshould really say ‘in yourbrain’ to make it more understood. Take care.

  • Hi sueboooo

    Thanks for your advice I really appreciate it the thing is I have had this for three years and my GP couldn't tell me what was wrong with me I was on all sorts of antibiotics creams pain killers and nothing helped and I started searching the Internet and that what I came up with pelvic so I got it printed out and took it to her and she started me on amytrip at night nothing during the day and that was when the pain was unbearable so the last timewas there she put me o pregablin25 mg twice daily this morning she upped it to 50 mg twice daily for a week and so on until I am up to 100 mg twice daily so I am hoping that takes the edge of it Thanks so much for your reply every little bit advice you get off other can help Janebee

  • I have decided to come off of opiates I have been on for three years due to pelvic pain and severe stinging radiating up from the botttom of my left foot, leg, and into the pelvic region. It's a double whammy. I don't have to elaborate on pain--we all are rowing that boat.

    At the time, I thought pain meds would be the best option since nothing else relieved it.

    What a mistake! I was dummer than dirt! I am from the old school and had no insight into what a miserable world lie ahead. So, fast forward three years and I am done with it. My pain management doctor was little to no help. He even told me he didn't know how to treat me, and one time, he became frustrated and said he took me as a favor. I won't go into explaining the difficulty of all the reasons why I was stuck.

    With all of that being said, if anyone has gone through a detox program due to being on these for pain and doesn't mind sharing some of your experience I would dearly appreciate it. I am a sixty-four year old with grands, and I feel so stupid about not knowingthe hell down the road. This is going to almost bankrupt me due to how little our insurance will pay for this. It involves a ten day stay at a renowned hospital dealing with addiction.

    I am not an addict! I will not claim that word. But you have to keep telling yourself this since you certainly can feel this way.

    BTW, I tried doing it myself--could not!! I was given a month's supply to sustain me before I go in. The big question is is my pain going to be too much to bear???

    Sorry for getting carried away. I'm really afraid.

  • Hi Dcleary I am sorry for all your pain you are dealing with and the problems you are having with your pain relief just keep telling yourself I am going to be a different person when you come out I think everyone would would be scared having to do what you are doing just take it one day at a time don’t think of the future if you get through one day you are doing brilliant my heart goes out to you I will keep you in my prayers sorry it took 3 days to reply to you as my iPad was broken and had to get a new one please keep me updated on your progress I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope you will be a different person when come out all my love ja

  • I am late replying also. I could not have ever dreamed of going to a place, especially at my age, trying to rid my body of this stuff. I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but I am going to be in a pickle if my pain level doesn't decrease. It may all be for nothing. I am so naive about pain medications and had to learn the hard way. In other words, I am not street savvy. I do understand now why the Mayo Clinic didn't prescribe pain medication and instead pushed a three week comprehensive pain clinic. It didn't make any sense at the time. But, I could not afford it.

    So. how have you been? I certainly appreciate your encouragement. It means a lot. I'll try to remember to send a message before I go in in order to possibly have a prayer chain going in the group. Honestly, I'm scared to death and will try not to act like a big baby. I'm thinking and praying for all of us.

  • Hi dclear

    I think everybody would be scared it is the fear of the unknown if you can’t do a day at a time try doing 1hr at a time try just you focus on that hour don’t think about the next I know you can do it if you get through the first hour you are doing t and I am sure all your family and friends will be so proud of you. I am like you I don’t know a lot about meds you just put your trust in the professional s and take what they give you I will be thinking about you you go girl I know you can do it all my love. Janebee XX please keep updated on you progress

  • Thanks so much for your support. I know we all have and continue to travel down paths we are uncertain of. If someone had told me that I would be facing a drug detox, I would have told them that was the most insane thing I have ever heard. My battle is undoing something I had no idea what was in store for me. I wasn't taking this stuff for the pure fun of it; I started taking it for pain. I don't understand why people want to take it for the effects. Anyway, I've tried coming off before and lasted two days. It is horrendous. So, I'm thankful for this forum and people like you. We are in the minority, and praying for all of us to be in the majority group of people who don't have to suffer daily with pain. Talk soon and I'll try to let you know before I begin the journey. I hope you are doing well.

  • Hi Dcleary

    I can't begin to imagine what you are going through and what thoughts are going through your head when you have got excruciating pain you just want some relief and you will try anything that the doc gives to get this. You put your life in their hands as they are the professionals I am the same the doc put me on a higher dose each week until I was on 100 mg twice a day and my daughter came up one day and she said I was tuned to the moon with the things I was doing I can laugh at it now so I have went back to 25mg and I am going to up it myself more slowly until I get to 100mg although the small dose does not touch the pain I am hoping when I get to the high I might get some relief I know I will never be pain free so I just need to work my life around the pain. I know you will get through this don't think into the future concentrate in the moment I will keep you in my prayers and everybody on this sight that is struggling with excruciating pain All My Love JanebeeXxx

  • I hope I have brought up this issue in hopes it may bring to light the downsides of taking opiates for pain. It's a quote made famous by Eleanor Roosevelt that sums it all up:


    Thanks for your concern and please continue corresponding.

  • Hi I have heard that quote and it is so true are you in the centre or are you still at home I know from all the help you will get it will help you deal with this and come to terms please stay positive at all times I know you may find it a bit daunting at times and I know you can do it you sound a strong person in fact I know you are to take the first for well deserved recovery and come out a better person and get all the help you will get and I all the help to deal with it when you are out and I am sure all your family will help you with your recovery and they will be over the moon with you as it must have been a stressful and worrying tibe thinking of ykee

  • Sorry about I was trying to correct some mistakes in my spelling and again I must have hit the send button as I was saying it must have been a worrying and stressful for your family to and they will be with you all the way with your recovery I will keep you in my prayers and wish you a speedy recovery I will be thinking of you All My Love. Janebee. XXX

  • Hi Dcleary

    How are you doing I hope you are coping and getting through this horrible withdrawal you are having to cope with all because you had to take medication for this severe pain that we have all got and have to deal with every day I think we all take the medication because the pain is So excruciating and we just Want some relief as it gets so overbearing I hope you are coping and I will be thinking about you all my love. Janebee. Xx

  • Hi sueboooo

    Somehow how I keep signing myself out of pelvic pain group and I have got to join again and I get a email welcoming me back and I don't know how to reply as its coming up no reply from me yet I wonder if you d help me on this one I usually get advice from Andreax and I don't want to bother her just now. And when I am replying to a text I can't get the page to go up to see what I am writing so I have got stop and check it all the time. Many NHs. Janebee. Xx

  • Hi Janebee, you sound like me!!

  • Hi Dcleary my iPad is not working properly and it takes me ages to reply my new one has just arrived when my daughter comes home from work she is going to set it up for me I am not ignoring anybody it takes me ages to reply and I am losing my temper with it so I will get back on when my new one gets set up all my love. Janebee xx

  • Hello Dcleary,

    It’s me Deb again. I think we spoke once or twice. Will you keep me posted on your status please as I too am on very high doses of medication. I’m not sure if they actually made my pain worse because I can remember when I wasn’t taking them and my pain wasn’t this bad. So, I think there is a correlation between opiates and an increase in pain. Please let me know how you do and know this my thoughts and prayers are with you. I’ll be thinking of you. Someone very close to me beat an addiction problem by going into a rehab not to say that that is our problem. We have such an horrific pain that we would do anything to get out of it. In fact this week my pain was so bad that I couldn’t even get out of bed and my doctors solution was to increase my medicine. That’s always there answer because they truly don’t know how to treat this. It’s really sad. So, please let me know how you are doing when you come home. If your pain improves. I have a feeling it’s going to. God bless. Deb

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