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Pain in lower left side,kinda the ovary area,could it be fibroids?

Hi everyone,Im new and kind if at my wits end.i had both my fallopian tubes removed a couple years ago and was told I had fibroids,for the last few years I've been suffering with an extreme sharp stabbing/throbbing pain in my lower left side,kinda feels like it's around my ovary area,the pain is so intense it can cripple me over from a standing position and literally takes the breath clean out of gets increasingly bad around my periods so bad that for the first 3 day minimum of my period I am bed ridden in pain,pain killers take away the cramps but not the sharp also feels like it travels into my lower left back and my leg like an aching pain and I always feel like I need to wee.when I do go to the toilet the pain gets worse as I'm coming to the end of my stream (sorry) and at the end it feels like my womb is being pulled down its so painful.

Does anyone else experience this or have any advise at all?

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Gonna call the doc today and get an appointment

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Hiya, I can't help medically, but with the problems you have going to the loo, and the low back and leg pain, I would go to my GP, and get it checked. They should check you over thoroughly if you mention loo problems... there is a thing called cauda equina syndrome that my GP checks me for when I go in complaining of low back and leg pain... mine is back trouble, sometimes inc sciatica, which can be very painful but is my back putting the brakes on to protect itself. Cauda equina is more serious, so they have to rule it out!

What I do sympathise with us the monthly cycles of pain. I don't usually have stabbing pains (tho some months I do have bad pains, poss at ovary, around ovulation), but I do have two distinct phases of low back pain and tum ache, around ovulation and around my period. Not much interest from GP or fertility consultant. I try to keep to a set of exercises for my back, and regular walking, but I slip back into bad habits often, and then I know about it!!

Good luck. Hope you feel much better soon!!

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Thank you,trying to get through to docs now.


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