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Abdominal pain caused by scar tissue no end in sight 😟

Hi all I have suffered with chronic pain for eight long years. I get pain daily flare up and constant broken nights sleep. I had a ruptured eptopic needing surgery to save my life. Three months after a cyst in same area needed more surgery. After that shingles infections and daily morphine. Then six months to have another surgery as had fused bowel and surgeon had to cut away more scar tissue. I use Tramodol Paroxitine paracetamol Amitripyline every day. I have tried TENS pain clinic heat patches and relaxation. The upshot is my breakthrough pain is getting worse. I cannot have more surgery as it would could leave me worse. I want a medication I can use when all else fails? Any ideas anyone my Dr has left my on Tramodol since my last surgery. I need something some respite what works ?

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Have you tried asking for a referral to a pain clinic?

Good luck. Hope you start to feel better.


Yes I did go to one but was too ill to keep appointments. I did learn about TENS though X

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Hi Winniepooh 1976. I am sorry to hear about the terrible time you have had over the last eight years. Personally I think it is best for you to see a pain management specialist as your present pain management is not working for you. A pain management specialist will review your present medication and decide what is the best way of controlling your pain whether this is by suggesting a nerve block or a more suitable tablet. I would suggest you google pain caused by pelvic / abdominal adhesions. Also what other signs to look out for like high temperature, nausea, vomiting, constipation. This could mean that adhesions have effected the intestines as well. If you experience any of these other symptoms you need to go back to your GP for an urgent abdominal ultrasound. I am afraid you will always have to keep this in mind in future. Hopefully, the pain management specialist who I am sure has come across this condition many times will be able to manage your pain more effectively. Make sure you have a contact phone number if you have any break through pain after seeing the pain management specialist. Your GP can refer you, ask if you can be referred to the pain management specialist urgently. I hope this helps and all the best. I hope you get sorted out and have a better quality of life soon.


That is great advice I had no idea a pain specialist existed. I will go I do get really constipated and get pain and bleeding when I do go. I put this down to the Tramodol side effects and piles. The last surgery I had said he had cut away a lot of scar tissue and I had bad fusing. I guess I just thought my only option was to put up with it because at least I aren't back on morphine. I also suffer from depression so it is hard for me to speak out for myself. The last time I tried to tell my Dr how bad things are so upped my Amitripyline no mention of any further advice so I really do appreciate your input xx


Three years of pain for me. Pain comes from obturator internus and sacrotuberous ligament. All on left side. A Headache in the pelvis is a really good book. Also, in the beginning the dr put me on tramadol. It stopped working. Getting off it was terrible. I use a powder called Kratom that you can order on line. It is illegal I believe in 4 or 5 states. It helps anxiety, depression, pain. Can also be used for opiate and heroin withdrawal. It doesn't work for everyone but it saved my life.


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