Changing my medication?

Hi all thinking seriously about changing my pain meds I am on Tramodol and Amitripyline and paracetamol. My pain is constantly waking me up and still having more 9 pain days than not. I have been to pain clinic they gave me a tens which is distraction mainly. I want to achieve good days but am tired of my meds doing little or nothing. I have been on Tramodol for over eight years so would i need to wean myself off them? Can my GP prescribe anything more effective? Or do I have to just accept this is as good as it gets? I know I may sound a bit dim i just do notf know what to do. My pain is caused by internal scar tissue and after my last surgery to cut it away (I was able to come off morphine ) my bpain level are escalating I would say over the last year or so. I am so sick of pain and fatigue I am willing to try anything that might improve my quality of life. Any ideas please?

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  • I agree with u tramadol is doing so little to ease my pain Iv been on it for 2 and a half years along with amytriptyline but even like u I was waking up in agony so pain clinic has put me on gabapentin which seems to be helping my pain maybe worth asking to be put on them Hun as nothing worse being in pain every day Hun xx

  • Yes I agree it gets you down I will ask for it thank you hope you have better days x

  • I switched from tramadol to nucynta which works a little better for me. Still in pain but more bearable now. I am also on gabapentin, effexor and CBd oil.

  • Hi thank you for your reply I will get researching I now have a start point x

  • Hi Cheryl37 ,i too foundTramadol no use, .ive been trying( without success ) to find out which type/strength CBD Oil for chronic pain relief .May i ask what strength you use & where i may purchase it please? thank you

  • I use a 60% CBD oil, 8% THC blend. No high at all because of the low THC. It is super viscous, almost like honey. I use about an eighth of a gram daily. I'm not convinced it is helping but giving it a shot. I'm running out of options. I live in a state where it isn't legal so I have to have family members buy it for me in Oregon where it is legal and ship it to me. It is super expensive, about 50.00 per gram. Cheaper for less CBD % and more THC which sometimes I use on a night at home to help me sleep since I struggle with due to the pain. It will get you high if the THC is higher than about 20%.

  • Thank you for your info!

  • Have you found yourself a good physical therapist? Also any injections done on trigger points if there were trigger points found?

  • Thought you might find this link helpful. I brought it to a GP appointment and helped me get them to prescribe morphine (I got a skin infection from BruTrans). Hope that helps. Perhaps you can find one for your local trust using the same search terms.

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