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Hello please I've been having this pain for 9months now. Pain in my pelvic, side, back and on the appendix area. I went to the doctor for a scan, hvs, urine, stool and blood test. I was diagnosed with PID. I've been in antibiotics since December 2015 and the pain comes and go. My kidneys liver lungs pancreas spleen are all ok. But what can be the cause of this. It is not appendicitis. Help me please

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check mummysphysio.com if you are in London, they helped me so much with my pelvic pain. They are super kind and pro, they is one osteopath and some physios, all specialised into women's healt. They made the difference for me. hope you find a relief


Thanks and God bless you


Tpkoklet, Has any Dr or Lab taken a swab culture and confirmed and infection? If no I would suggest that you do it and if out else your taking anti-biotics for no reason


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