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I am still truly confused and worried to have a surgery for my prolapse.

There appears to be no proper dedicated centre for prolapse that brings together the gynaecologist and the colorectal surgeon to discuss and exchange views jointly in front of the patient.

If any one knows of one in the UK then please make contact.

Any positive experiences are most welcome.


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Hi Sandra, we have spoken before. I'm not aware of a prolapse centre as such. I am still going between colorectal & gynae consultants. I asked my GP last week why they don't get together when there is a prolapse issue & he looked at me as though I was mad! "Why would they?" he said. I have decided if I do have more pelvic floor surgery then it will be with a specialist urogynaecologist rather than colorectal. I am seeing one soon for a second opinion. I am quite afraid of having further surgery & making things worse than they are now but also do not feel able to continue long term as I am.

I wish I had a more positive answer for you. Have you tried speaking to their secretaries to ask if they have ever known a meeting between the three parties? Let me know if you get anywhere with this. Good luck.

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I colorectal surgery went wrong,I am now with urogynaecologist to remove mesh and(maybe if can cope with more surgery)rectify.the PNE is another issue.


I am in the US. Try to find a physiotherapist not physical therapist. I was told to go to A list of doctors and physiotherapists are there and maybe you could get a referral to one where you live. I went to see a urogynecologist after having anal fistula surgery to discuss pain. She had no clue what was going on and then I went to another urogynecologist she knew exactly the problem. All these physicians, physiotherapists and physical therapists are different. I have learned you need second opinions and sometimes third opinions to get help. Even getting the anal fistula diagnosed required exploratory surgery. I had a colonoscopy and talked to the gastroenterologist about my pain. He looked at me like it was all in my head. My husband and I just looked at each other and shook our heads. He wasn't going to believe me or help me. Even when I requested my colonoscopy results to be sent to the surgeon the nurse is telling me " Susan , you don't need surgery. There is nothing wrong with you". Ok, so I am in your office a half a dozen times willing to fork over money for what to waste my time, patience, and sick leave from work. I know you must be really frustrated right now but take the time to find the right medical team to help you. Involve your family and friends for support. When people understand how you are struggling it helps. You did nothing wrong and you need help. All of us I repeat " did nothing wrong". Please find a sympathetic medical team.

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