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Help please

Helo everybody I'm suffering so bad, it's a nightmare eveyday.

I had a long term parter of 8 years and we split because I found him abusive. So I decided to cut him out my life all together. After a year of been on my own not talking to any of the opposite sex and funding myself again. I meet somone we was seeing each other for a month and thought it was time to have sex. Unfortunately for me barring in mind i have had only 2 sexual partners in my life im 23 I had unprotected sex. A week later I had an unusual swelling inside my vagina. Then along came burnibg on my vulva, iching,sour smell and white dischage sharp pelvic pains in tummy and o overies. I headed to my local gum clinic and was tested for everything. All clear I jhave beeb banned from going there after 59 I headed to see a gync she looked and said everything is fine. To prove to you ill do a smear test. One night doing my assignments a had acute pain so badly I decided to call 111. They sent a ambulace and went to the hospital. Saw a lady who is a previous garnicologist and she said there is dischage there which indecates an infection. Had a swap nothing found. She sent me to see an emergency gynecologist and they said eveything looks fine. That it's all in my head. Which quite frankly it's rubbish there's somthing wrong ! So I got my smear result turned negative. The doctors are saying we only go by swabs if there negative even the ones for thrush and cytus are. So I'm frightend they'll leave me like this. Can anone please help my step dad has cancer and this is really pushing me over the edge !

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I've had a test for thrush it's negative somone help please


Hi Amess, sorry to hear you're having so much pain. It can be very frustrating when the doctors think its all in your head. Have you had a pelvic/vaginal ultrasound done recently? And been checked for STDs and ruled out Urinary Tract Infection, Trichomonas and Bacterial vaginosis? If so, there is also a condition called Cytolytic Vaginosis that mimics all the same symptoms of a yeast infection but is actually an overgrowth of good bacteria(Lactobacilli) in the vagina. You can get a specific swab done to test for excessive amounts of lactobacilli. The treatment for Cytolytic Vaginosis is baking soda sitz baths or douches to alkalize the vaginal environment. There is also a vaginal lubricant called Preseed that is supposed to help rebalance vaginal PH levels. It may be worth looking into. Hope that helps a little. All the best!


Also check for ureaplasma and mycoplasma from a urologist. You might have pelvic floor dysfunction so see a pelvic floor pt.


Firstly , you have done a good thing getting rid of a abusive partner, you deserve better , nobody should be verbally or physically abused by some other person

Bacterial vaganosis usually gives off a bad "fishy" smell and would have been easily picked up on a swab test

So it can't be that,

I do remember years ago I had a problem , I had large amount of clear discharge, like you get if you break a egg open and remove the yolk and what is left the clear stuff was coming out of my vagina and all the wiping in the world would not get rid and it made me so very itchy and sore

In the end I got treated like I was a head case, until one day I went to see a gynaecologist who I saw a couple of times ( who told me it was perfectly normal and may be obsessing about it was making it happen!!)

So was dreading seeing him, but he had been taken ill and I saw a locum gyneacologist who I think was Polish, I was crying and explaining to him and he listened and asked if I had ever been examined internally on my sides as opposed to on my back

It said no I had never been examined in that way and so he examined me laid on my left side and said that he felt he had found the problem

I had a tear approx 2 inches long and it was causing my body to over react sending vaginal fluid into overdrive trying to "fix " it

He booked me in to cauterise it and I got a appoint for within a week and had it cauterised and everything went back to normal

So it was NOT all in my head, I spent 3 years with a problem that should have been found out a lot earlier

Have you been properly examined , with someone looking up there?

When the discharge is smelling , can you not collect some in a urine type plastic bottle that you can get free from your g.p practice just as the receptionist

Then when you have got some in a pot go see your g.p with the contents in a pit?

If it smells as you say , he should be able to smell it!

Hope you get this sorted, don't let them think you are going mad


Did you have a sore or just swelling?


yes , right up inside me it felt raw and sore and loads of discharge as I said blood streaks at times in the discharge, and two years or more of being told there was nothing wrong and treated like a neurotic mad woman, til the stand in gyneacologist listened and examined me on my side and saw the long tear


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