agony after examination any help please

i started with vaginal pain in january after sex and a sprained lower back..i have had this pain on and of for years which came and went..since january it has got worse.i have had mri scan on back which is normal. i went to dr de mello in february who said it is pn and wait for physio at the had been getting worse so i chased apt up with physio and saw her monday..she examined me at the assessment and pressed the spot inside my vagina..ever since then i have been in severe pain which is even worse this morning..i have spoke to her on the phone and she said maybe physio is not for me.and dont go to my apt monday.i really dont know what to gp doesnt help so have no one to turn to..i am feeling suicidal because i know the examination has made me worse and i thought pelvic floor therapy was what helps people with pn..desperate please help anybody

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  • This is a difficult for you to decide what to do. In your position I would probably still go to the appointment but explain that the pain was aggravated during the assessment. This should alert whoever you see to be cautious. The physio may just give you some exercises to do rather than hands on physio.

    Have you ever tried Pilates ?

  • when she rang me she just said she didnt want me to come back because she does internal work and it will make my pain worse..dr de mello said pn in february without examining me..when i had sex with my partner i fell backwards and strained the ligaments in my back..i also felt a pop in my vagina in the spot where i have had pain on and off for years..i was in agony in my back for two weeks which then went..then when i sat in my car to drive i felt the soreness in my vagina..this is the pain i had on and off foe a result i clenched my pelvic floor muscles which has made it worse..i just cant help i get a swelling in the spot when i move and a throbbing which i know is nerve pain..i dont know if i damaged my nerve during sex or the constant tight clenching of my pelvic floor is irritating my nerve..i am considering getting a private apt to see dr grenslade in bristol although i am in manchester. i found dr de mello uncaring and abrupt..i saw him again a few weeks ago and he focussed on my the past gynecologists have said i have fibromyalgia in the pelvic floor if there is such a thing..i know my anxiety is making this i write this i am aware i am clenching my pelvic floor just so anxious about it all..i know i have to try to keep is very hard when am in so much pain..thank you so much for your help..i havent been able to sit down since january and now walking is a problem so pilates wouldnt be any good to me..thank you anyway..any suggestions are very much appreciated x

  • Honestly these Dr's , its a wonder we are not all going "loopy". You know I pingsersevered with internal physio for weeks and each time it made my pain worse. Just as the nerve pain calmed down it was time again for the appt. I hit the roof once when the physio touched the spot, it made me feel physically sick, I cant explain it, other than I knew I didn't like it. So I gave up. Tensing the pelvic muscles are a no no, Each time you have a muscle spasm or tightening it makes everything ten times worse. So, my suggestion is go and see your GP, ask him or her nicely and suggest that you try a muscle relaxant, baclofen is the best. I take 20mg per night and helped me immensely. Would you say the pain is inside the vagina towards the back? and sitting down makes the symptoms worse? What meds are you taking ? I presume as you have f/m you are on amitriptyline? How long have you suffered from that? Don't go back and see anyone who makes you angry/upsets you, it only makes matters worse. Have they suggested nerve block injections? Its my ten years anniversary in September so have lots of suggestions and no no's, albeit that everyone's different. I hope I can help you a little at least and point you in the right direction, jxx

  • I'm sorry I can't help but just to say you are not alone. I had an ultrasound and transvaginal exam months back after severe pain made walking difficult and they couldn't find anything. Their attempts to do a smear test which was overdue left me in agony for days after. They suggested doing one under general anaesthetic. Not flippin likely. It's bad enough after a cautious poke around.

    As the pain has been mixed with occasional tingling I suspect I have irritated nerves and am hoping if left alone, everything will subside.

  • what medication did they put you on ? You needed an anti-depressant like cymbalta ASAP after the onset of pain..otherwise the nerves get used to sending out messages of pain and it's difficult to make that go away

  • Thanks for your painful spot is at the front inside my vagina about third of a finger length up vagina where my g spot now swElls up when I move and when lay down I feel as if there is a snake slithering to get out..then I get the throbbing which is very intense and spreads to my right buttock cheek feels unusual and goin down back of right has changed and is much worse since pelvic internal by physio..I also have pain in my lower back when I move it..all this started bad by sparing back in January..MRI of lower back and sacrum normal..saw my gastro dr at hospital today who is referring me for pelvic MRI..All my tests come back normal..when I sprained back was in agony for a week..that got better and got this and back hurts again..I was so scared it was back spasms coming back that I clenched my pelvic floor with anxiety..when I relaxed muscles it used to go but now I feel muscles contract on own and will not go back to the relaxed position and if I contract them it's more agony as that's where pain comes from...I think I've either damaged a nerve when sprained back or months of clenching is trapping nerve..Have been doing the relaxation breathing from amy steins book but even the movement of breathing is causing more pain..I take amtripylene 50mg now which helps me sleep and 300mg gabapentin 3 times gastro consultant today said double doesn't help..I take codeine and have morphine patch..I have to lie down in taxi to get me to hospital which is the only time I go out now..I can't have sex which is putting pressure on my relationship..does anybody know how to tell if it is pn or pne..thanks hope you all have good days ahead

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