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Hi All,I haven't posted for a while,but I really could do with some help.

I seen my Gastroenterologist last week,who more or less told me they couldn't do no more for me. Well I've finally found a decent GP who is trying to help me,and she wants any tests I've had done by my Gastroenterologist. So I asked her if she would send them,one was a proctorgram which I had way back in 2017,as she was reading out to me what I had she said the Proctorgram showed a slight rectocele. Now I was told the test went fine,and showed no problem. So when she mentioned a slight rectocele I was surprised,because had I known I could have helped myself more. Anyway I bought a stoop stool. I knew there was something wrong,because my hubby told me,but I didn't know at the time what a rectocele was.

That all said,I see a Physiotherapist/ oncologist last Thursday and she took a look for me. She said I had done the right thing buying the stool,and she gave me some Pelvic floor exercises to do,to stop it going any further.

Well there sits the problem,I can't seem to grasp how to do them. Has anyone got any advice,she did say to do them sitting down,so has anyone got any words of wisdom,or can anyone direct me to a site or video. I am in absolutely horrendous pain. I am 75yrs old,so don't tell me to swing from the chandelier.🙄

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YouTube usually have appropriate videos but without knowing what the physio told you to do it's difficult to help.

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Hi bantam12,The physio told me to sit down,and squeeze my bottom in,as though I was trying not to break wind. Also as as though I'm trying not to Wee. But these things are difficult,and it worries me if I'm not doing it right,if I could do myself more harm than good. But she did say to sit or lie down.

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bantam12 in reply to Gemini71

You're right, pelvic floor exercises are totally ineffective if not done correctly and they aren't easy to do, I went to Pilates classes to learn how to do them.

You have to visualise a hammock slung from hip bone to hip bone then slowly tighten the ropes of the hammock from the hips whilst drawing the hammock upwards and at the same time imagine your " exit " openings are like camera shutters and gently close them tight, hold all that for 5 seconds then release, if that makes sense. Easier to do it lying down knees bent and relaxed, remember to breath in when you are activating the muscles and out when you release.

Hope that helps but worth looking at Pilates videos on YouTube.

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Gemini71 in reply to bantam12

Thank you for that,that's a very good explanation. I'll give it a go.

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Lulububs in reply to Gemini71

It is a really weird thing to learn but what i did to make sure i was doin it right was i had a wee and literally tried to stop it mid flow... then u know what and how it should feel!

Then u do that normally as u shouldnt really do when actually weeing but it just give u a idea.

Hope fully that may help u. There is a lot of good women on sites on you tube showing u them to..

I think they have videos explaining how to do the Kegel exercise. Is that what you are trying to do?

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Gemini71 in reply to Konagirl60

Hi there,I have a kegel I was told not to use it. I just need General Pelvic floor exercise with sitting or lying down.

How are you doing??

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Konagirl60 in reply to Gemini71

When you say general Pelvic floor exerciize do you mean REALLY RELAXING it? The best thing for that is intercourse....let’s be real. ( something I cannot have ).

I do Reiki everyday. Do you know what it is? It’s a spiritual practise where one closes their eyes, totally and slowly part by part, calms their body and breathing and sees colour.

Sometimes I see emerald green light ( healing ), beautiful pink light ( love ) and then sometimes calm white light ( the divine ). I can open my third eye and get in a relaxed trance. It’s amazing. My digestive juices surface and my entire torso sinks into the mattress. My pelvic floor relaxes to BUT because there is still a piece of metal in/ near the rear of my rectum......I cannot stop the throbbing and pulling this causes. It has to come out!

I am trying to live as much as a normal person can and I cannot. Every drive in the car irritates the nerve. I am better as a ischial spine isn’t moving all the time. I’m sitting on metal!

I’ve had to stop drinking coffee to help deter stool incontinence. I refuse to buy disposable underwear....that ends up in a landfill and then the ocean.

I am drinking herbal and mushroom teas. Coffee is acidic and that isn’t good anyway. I want my body to relax, stay calm and not have any overstimulation from a food or other sources. Somatic nerve injuries are all encompassing. I sweat more, I shake more and I am utterly exhausted. Thanks for asking.

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bantam12 in reply to Konagirl60

Pelvic floor needs strengthening to prevent further prolapse, not relaxing as that will make it worse.

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Konagirl60 in reply to bantam12

I see. I don’t have doctor or physiotherapist told me that. What are the symptoms?

I have the complete right pelvis still thinks that part of my pelvic floor is being squeezed/ vice gripped by ligaments.....I HAVE to relax my pelvic floor. It is hard work but it can be done.


I'm 74 and suffering with pain and intermittent incontinence, diagnosed with slight cystocele and rectocele many years ago. Exercises did not help. Repair op. was cancelled 3 years ago due to large abscess on my back. Do you have these problems too? I am on antibiotic maintenance dose daily to prevent cystitis. I should have the surgery but am not on a waiting list and am scared it could make me worse, like others on here.

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Gemini71 in reply to Flo74

Hi,I'm probably not quite the same as you,but I'm hoping I can sort the rectocele because they would be very reluctant to operate on me,because of other health issues. This recocele is just the start of another journey for me. I have been seeing a woman's Physiotherapist,mainly for the Pelvic pain I suffer daily,but she didn't know about the rectocele,andjust by chance,I had to see another Physio,so I told her I wasn't sure about it,and she examined me,and told me at the moment it is only slight,but to get it back was doable. I'm a bit in limbo at the moment,because my GP is sending me to see a gynaecologist,but that's not until March,and I've got another two weeks before I see my original Physio. I hope she will be able to give me some advice. As for having a op,I personally would not go down that route. I am in chronic pain,which gets worse towards the evening. If I could get that under control I would be happy,but nothing's worked as yet. I feel no one knows what to do with me.🙄 I'm beginning to think the saying "When your old no one cares" is right.🤔

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