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34 weeks pregnant pelvic and cervix pain

hi i am 34 weeks pregnant and i was at the doctor monday the 7 of this month and the doctor told me she can feel the baby head and its right in my cervix and since then i been having a lot of pressure in my cervix / pelvic area and i dont know why she said i was not openn at all just yet i feel the most movement form the baby at night and when i woke up i up noit even two hour and i pee every 20 mintue and i have a lot of pain when i have to go its a bliuld up of pressure and its really painful it hurt to move and some times i cant strighten my back to stand up right i try laying back down to see if it the baby in the way and then my back start to pound and i get a headach i need some idea on what i can do to help stop the pain

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Is this you first baby? If so the baby's head starts to move down lower into the pelvis around this time ready for when you go into labour. Please discuss these symptoms with your midwife or obstetrician when you next see them. It is all perfectly normal as the baby is still growing and gaining weight and moving down lower into the pelvis. As long as your baby is moving, no vaginal bleeding or your waters breaking prematurely. It is advisable to rest on the bed or sofa more frequently. In other words your a lady in waiting! All the best to you and your family for the safe arrival of your baby.

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Yes this is my first baby and he been head down since 21 weeks and he is making my hips hurt so badly but like u said he just gain wieght and that but i use dontknow bc the dr ahe could feel his head right there so i dont know if i am gonna have him early or not


It is possible you may go into labour earlier than your date, but nobody knows definitely at this stage. Just have your bags packed for you and your baby and telephone numbers you need ready to go in case your labour starts or your waters go. Please speak to your midwife and obstetrician about your concerns that your baby may come earlier than expected. Also if your husband is at work when you go into labour arrange with a relative or friend to be with you. All the best and good luck.


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