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So unsure of what is causing these pelvic cramps after period

Hi there,

I have done a Google search on my symptoms and came to Health Unlocked. I wondered if anyone had any advice at all because I feel really unsure as to what I am experiencing.

For a good long time now (about 3 years) I have been getting cramps exactly 7 days after I have started my period (by which point my period has obviously ended). The cramps tend to last for 2-3 days but are not constant, they tend to begin about 12 noon each day during this time. Sometimes they go away on their own but more often than not, I have to take painkillers (just paracetemol or ibuprofen) for them to go away. I don't get cramps at any other point during my cycle.

For the past two days I have been experiencing cramps and although this is nothing out of the ordinary (as they begun seven days after I ended my period, as usual), yesterday's cramps were particularly bad and I was really struggling to focus on my work. I even noticed a swelling around my abdominal area, which I have not noticed before, and this quite worried me.

I have been to the doctors countless times over the years and just been told it is likely to be ovulation pains, so I am hesitant to keep on going back - but is it not too early in the cycle to be ovulating? Or could this be normal for the preparation of ovulation?

A few facts about myself - I am 31, never had children (although I would like them in the not too distant future) and I currently have a non-hormone IUD fitted, and have had the same one for the past 7 years.

Many thanks in advance of any advice you could offer.

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I used to get pain at the very end of my period and was told repeatedly that it did not sound like endometriosis. The pain also happened when I was constipated. The same pain. Finally a doctor said she thought it WAS endometriosis because it was period-related, regardless of the fact that it happened when the cramps had subsided. She did a laparoscopy and found endometriosis in EXACTLY the spot where the pain had been happening- for years. It was in other places too. She cauterized it and it did grow back, but never was as painful. I think that could be what is going on. For me I think it was bowel-related because the organs are so close together that the hard stool would push up against the inflamed tissue. Anyway maybe you could get a doctor to check it out. I was never so glad to have (minor) surgery in my life! I hope you feel better.


Hi there, it is very unlikely to be ovulation pain as that is usually a sudden very painful sharp pain and happens once or twice only about the middle of the month from my experience. I think it would be wise to have your IUD removed for a while and try another alternative method of contraceptive. Go back to who you went to who fitted it. Ask if they can take a culture swab from the devise and a vaginal swab to make sure you don't have a uterine or vaginal infection. I would advise you get attention as soon as you can. if there is an infection it used to be treated with anti-biotics, but now there seems to be a reluctance to prescribe anti-biotics, although that may only apply if you have a cold or sore throat. I hope all goes well. Good Luck.

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Thanks for your comments, I went to see my doctor and am booked in for an ultrasound scan next week, so I will update you.


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