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Does anyone else have some RELIEF of pelvic pain during period!?

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Hi 🌻

I’m a newbie hoping to find someone with similar symptoms as me... Ive been suffering for 20 months. Pending diagnosis......

Main symptoms include

; pain in lower back, hips, lower abdomen, mid back beside spine

; pressure pain as bladder fills and even as it empties (this boosts my stomach)

; bloating and pain/pressure after sex

; some relief of pelvic pain WHEN ON PERIOD ONLY

; feels like a dragging pressure as if I’m passing something heavy out of vagina

; bladder urgency

Tests -

- so far all blood tests have come back fine (some inflammation indicators)

- No growth in urine

- kidneys are ok

- bladder empties within limit of no concern

- internal examination of ovaries present no cysts

My GP initially gave me 5 courses of antibiotics in 3 months thinking I had a UTI reoccurring. Then they referred me to Urology who said they can’t help me. Now I’ve seeing a Gynaecologist. Apparently with the NHS it takes 20 months to get this far. Meanwhile our lives change dramatically and we have to learn to cope and “accept” what is happening to us ☹️

Love to all, we are not alone in any of this 🌻

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Hi Dottylots. I have the exact same symptoms (and a few more). I have excruciating pain during the run up to my period but then after it has started for 2/3 days I have no pain (not even my usual pelvic pain). I too have seen a urologist as I have bladder urgency and some leakage and they have said that everything is normal and discharged me from their clinic.

I often have symptoms of a UTI but whenever the results go off to the lab, they come back normal!

I have been suffering for 7 years and Doctors have now said that there is 'nothing more they can do'. I also suffer from fatigue and insomnia.

I hope that you get an answer - please keep us updated x


OMG... it is a relief in a strange way to hear someone else is the same!

My pain definitely gets worse from ovulation until perhaps a day or two before my periods start. My periods use to be quite heavy for 6-7 days and I’d cramp a lot during and the follow up to my period, and I too don’t even really cramp anymore... a blessing in a way but worrying as I fear it might affect fertility? Have you had any issues at all? Sorry to be forward but at 23 with a long term partner of 5 years it worries me!

No pain relief actually makes the pain go away. I can’t take co-codamol as it completely knocks me out and I need to be able to drive for uni/work placement. Fatigue it a bitch! It’s completely changed my life 😩☹️ I always have a fuzzy head also, feels like who I was is completely disappearing.

What do you do to help with pain? Heat does nothing, massages cant get to the pain. My partner presses my pressure points hard in my lower back for me but I don’t think it helps just nice that he cares! I have to sorta rock or tense and un tense to get through whatever I’m doing. I can’t walk far at all due to the pain when it’s bad.

I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering for so long! And even worse that there’s no diagnosis... because how can we know how to manage a condition which doesn’t exist?!

I’ll Defo keep you updated if they even find anything. Last visit to me GP I was warned to prepare that I’ll never get a diagnosis, and the symptoms to be with me for life. This really upset me. The only thing they can offer is pain management.

Thanks for responding! Do you know if anyone else with similar symptoms?


Hi. I don't know anyone with similar symptoms but have been told that there is nothing more that can be done for me and I just have to live with it.

I have been suffering with exhaustion for the last few months, I have always been fatigued but now just getting up every day feels like I have just ran a marathon. I have recently starting having a fuzzy head (great description by the way) and that has been really hard to deal with combined with the pain and fatigued. I almost feel my Doctor rolling his eyes when I go and see him as if to say what now!

I used to take codeine for the pain but I noticed that it wasn't helping and just made me feel drowsy. For me, I alternate between hot and cold compresses (heat works better for my pain). I know you said heat doesn't work for you, maybe try cold instead!

I am the same with massages, I think it just helps me to know that I am not alone and that my partner is doing something to help. The pain has just got to go away by itself.

We are trying for a baby but find it hard to conceive the natural way as it is too painful for me. I would recommend speaking to your GP about your concerns early on, especially if you have been trying without success. Try not to worry too much though, you are much young than me (I am 40) and there are options if you have been trying for a while without success.

Thinking of you xx

Hi Dottylots. I joined this group yesterday.. You are not alone. I have the same symptoms as you daily. It may or may not be the same, but it took awhile to diagnose.. I have had this pain for 2years, the pain got really bad last year that I went to hospital. They did scans, bloodwork, so many tests and found ziltch. The surgeons decided to do a laparoscopy and found nothing and the doctors made me feel like it was all in my head.. It reared it's head again two weeks ago. The gyno in the hospital did a biopsy and other tests, I also had an internal ultrasound and I was diagnosed with adenomyosis. I hope they are able to get on top of what you have soon. Cbd oil helps my pain and I put castor oil on my tummy sides and lower back and then a heat pack. I'm waiting to hear my options from a second gyno. Don't give up x

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Thank you so much for your message! I've just googled adenmyosis and it sounds about right to do with hormones and during menstration I don't really have the pelvic pain anymore. The symptoms on the website I looked at suggests heavy prolonged bleeding which I do not have - are you the same then?... if so I may ask my GP to see if they can refer me to get a test to see if it is that. Im such a baby when it comes to anything invasive which makes it difficult, but the website said they can diagnosis via MRI so I can only hope that they may agree to this to avoid all the envasive things! haha!

I will defo give castor oil ago and the CBD when I can afford to!

Many thanks! :)

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I'm glad you're not in pain anymore.

I didn't get heavy periods for almost 2yrs and the pelvic pain would come and go, symptoms can vary. I'm also a sook oh and a needle phob so don't worry you're not the only one. They can see so much with MRI's these days and internal ultrasound. I hope you get a diagnoses soon on what you have. All the best :)

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I meant during my period the pelvic pain disappears then reappears. Then worsens during ovalation through to start of the period! I’m currently counting down the days until I’m due on because this pain is unbearable the closer I get to the period!

Many thanks, it makes me feel a bit better knowing there’s other people experiencing similar symptoms. Just praying I get a diagnosis soon 🤞


Hello! I've just come across your post and wondered if you found any answers? Your story is so similar to mine and I'm at my wits end! Huge thanks in advance xx

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