Rectal muscle spasm

Hi! I am suffering from what appears to be a rectal muscle spasm. I have extreme pain following a BM sometimes lasting up to 8 hours. Lying down is the only thing to take the edge off the pain. In desperation I had Botox injected in November. I seemed worse following the Botox procedure but was told it would take 2 weeks to really kick in. Perhaps it was the trauma of having it injected, I don't do well with anasethic etc seemed to cause more pain than the original diagnosis! After 2 and a bit weeks I noticed some relief but not total pain coverage. I can't seem to locate any trigger points, internally or externally, nothing is extremely painful to touch which makes me wonder if I'm getting diagnosed properly. whilst I do notice some random tightness when stressed or anxious nothing compares with the pain following a BM! I have tried internal vaginal stretching under the guidance of my physio but no relief yet. I am seeing Natropath as well and chiropractor but nothing specific seems to be working. I thought it was worse at certain times during the month around my period and ovulation but then other months the pain seems unrelated to my cycle. I had a flexiscope to rule out bowel issues but it revealed no abnormalities. Also transvaginal scan but nothing out of the ordinary there either. Have tried tramadol and endone but no relief. Also tried a month on endep but this seems to be constipating so went off it. Have tried Valium suppositories inserted rectally but this seems to have no effect and possibly also causing pain just to have it up there! I filled a script for baclofen today so really hoping this works for me! Any suggestions for pain relief? Have you noticed any links with food? Or with period cycles? Anyone else out there suffering with rectal muscle spasm?!

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  • Small thought, eat for soft stools and take Lactulose or something similar, which may lesson the tenseness in the rectum area and loosen the stools for when you pass them. And after passing them, gently wash that area, perhaps apply Vasaline on some occasions and lie down in bed for 30 to 40 minuets . Before setting feet on the floor again.its a routine I do everyday.. Of course I realise your situation is worse than mine but I feel it is worth a try .

  • I have spasms in buttock and burning pain down thigh. One Dr said I had Levator ani Syndrome with Pudental Neuralgia. Next Dr said I didn't have Levator Ani Syndrome. Have had two bilateral nerve blocks with no success. Fortunately no pain with bowel movement and no pelvic pain. My spasms seem to occur when I lay down. Taking Tramadol 50 and Baclofen but Baclofen did not help. Now trying rice heating pad. Since it's mostly spasms and low back pain I am going to give it a rest. Afraid if I keep trying treatments they might make condition worse.

    Live in US and Drs seem to be guessing. Ricky68

  • Yes. Dr said it was my Levitor Ani muscle.

    After 6 weeks of massage therapy and taking valium. Pain was still a 10. 24/7.

    Yesterday I had botox in 3 of the trigger points. And put on baclofen. Better. I have an

    Appointment at the end of the month to do botox into the Levitor muscle.

    Good luck. It's a long painfull road. Every Dr

    Has their own ideas. Good luck.

  • So sorry for your miserable suffering. The anticipatory anxiety must be paralyzing. Someone else mentioned keeping stools soft. Have you tried a comprehensive adult bowel management program? You can look it up online. It won't magically take away the painful spasm, but may help somewhat overall.

  • I had Botox injections in December with the same results. I can't feel trigger points as much anymore internally but the pain is definitely there. I had a flare up of pain following Botox also.

    My pain also extends down my leg and into my calf muscle at times.

    Botox has ruled out the muscles compressing the nerve so I am thinking my pain is coming from the Sacral nerves. S2 seems to correlate with my symptoms.

  • Hi - it is quite common to have IBS type symptoms that relate to the menstrual cycle as there are oestrogen and progesterone receptors in the gut that respond to hormone changes. During the second half of the cycle progesterone predominates that slows intestinal transit so constipation is usual at that time in women with IBS, then when progesterone is suddenly withdrawn to trigger the period diarrhoea commonly occurs. However IBS at period time can also be a symptom of endometriosis and I suggest you join the Endometriosis community to see if you identify with stories on there.

  • Yes I have Levitor Ani syndrome

  • Any side effects from the baclofen?

  • Tired. Didn't  like the feeling. Didn't do anything for the pain. Doctor said to stop taking since it was doing nothing for me. I haven't  found anything that works for the pain.

  • Very sorry for your pain.  Haven't struggled with this type of pain but have other issues.  As for pain I am at a point of trying Medical marijuana.  I have heard many people are benefitting from this.  I will keep you posted.

  • Anything on the marijuana. Did it help the pain ?

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