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Pain Management

I've had pelvic pain for about a year now, predominantly left sided. I have had loads of tests and am being checked for endometriosis. One ultrasound showed adenomyosis and a polycystic ovary but the most recent at an endo centre did not see this but did see pelvic congestion with a particularly bad vein on the left. I am having a lap next month to look for endo and adhesions and to remove the worst vein, ovary and tube. I am on ProStap to cut of oestrogen which may be making things worth, due injection 2 next week. If the ProStap helps then it will probably lead to a hysterectomy,

My pain has no pattern but is getting worse. I have pain at a 3/4 everyday (I use ibuprofen to get by). On worse days it is up to a 7 or 8 (I use Tramadol). This week I had pain so bad I could not get out of bed (took 2 doses of morphine plus Tramadol and Ibuprofen and until lunch for me to get up). I get ripping, tearing, labour like pains and pain in my cervix and bum. Sometimes it affects my legs and makes them feel like they are not working properly.

How do you folks cope with degenerating pain and having to take increasingly strong painkillers? I am OK with the Tramadol as they perk me up rather than make me drowsy but taking them after tea time is a pain as I don't sleep well when on them. The morphine made me feel quite woozy - like having a few drinks but with none of the fun feeling. I am OK to work and drive on Tramadol but know there is no way I could on morphine (probably breaks work health and safety rules as well!) and I am a bit worried as my absence days are creeping up and whilst my boss is lovely my colleagues are running our of sympathy as they are having to pick up some of the slack.

Any advice is welcome.


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HI mindstorm... You're not alone. I have been battling pelvic pain/endometreosis in a progressively worsening fashion for way too long now. I hate to say it, but I have been off work for about a year and a half, due to the pain and side effects impacting my ability to carry on. Not to mention the stress levels and the havoc they run on your insides.

I graduated from tramadol/Tramacet (one being a long acting version) to morphine about a year ago. I take an 8mg long acting pill twice a day, then have 2mg fast acting pills that I use 3-4 of at a time are used to top up for breakthrough pain... There are maybe 4 days a month where I don't need the breakthrough stuff.

I have had the mirena coil in for nearly 2 years, with absolutely no relief. Prior to just sticking to the morphine, I tried gabapentin, cymbalta and a bunch of other unhelpful drugs with awful side effects...

I am currently working through a program specifically designed for this type of pain, it encompasses therapy and physio, as well as surgical options. I've learned some interesting things about what happens to our brain when it is subject to pain 24/7 for an extended time... Basically it gets hyperactivated and the pain centre never really turns off... So, our pain is amplified... Anyway, there are some great resources out there, and I'd love to find more...

But at the end of all of that.. It's more important to take away this.... You're not alone. Your pain is real. There's hope out there. I struggle to hang onto it myself... But it's there....


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