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Success with nerve blocks for chronic pelvic pain?

I have severe endometriosis and adenomyosis. They cause relentless pelvic pain so severe that I'm on morphine. I'm keen to try nerve blocks to try and make things more comfortable and I've been referred to a pain clinic. What sort of nerve blocks have people tried (particularly for uterine, bladder and ovary type pain) and were they successful? Any experiences or input really appreciated, many thanks.

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I had several nerve blocks following excision surgery for recto-vaginal endometriosis. also fibroids ( small diagnosed by ultrasound ) and adenomyosis ( MRI second opinion)

It is very difficult to determine which nerve is affected and needs a great deal of expertise. The block may only be diagnostic in an attempt to locate the nerve(s) that is/are affected. In this case it is a bit like an anaesthetic at the dentist where is goes numb for a few hours and then wears off. It can provide useful information especially if a nerve is trapped.

We have a leaflet with evidence based information about nerve blocks. If you are interested please contact me : info@pelvicpain.org.uk


Hi Judy, can you tell me a little about the excision surgery for recto-vaginal endo. What happened in the procedure that left you in so much pain? Were you operated on by an endo specialist? Would really like to hear your thoughts. x


Hi, yes I've had nerve blocks and they are successful. I like the neural prolotheraphy blocks the best. Look up Forest Tennant and read his pain guide online. The amino acids he suggests have helped me. I also have endo and had a partial hysterectomy with left ovary removal but that only made things worse for me and now I have pudendal nerve. pain for the bladder aloe helps in capsule and marshmallow root as tea. Ask the Dr for compounded suppositories with Valium, lidocaine and gabapebtin they will relax the bladder and pelvic floor and the gaba is a nerve med which will help the nerves in the pelvic floor.


A tap block will numb several peripheral nerves that are located within the pelvis, any physician should be able to do it guided with ultrasound or not with guidance.


I have had chronic nerve pain in pelvic area for last 2 years. Just recently got nerve block. They weren't bad at all. But 2 days after I was in so much pain. More than I had been. And the pain moved into my lower rib area down into my sides. I have an appt with neurologist for 2nd opinion. But nothing helps the pain go away. I'd love to find answers


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