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How long til lap?

I have an appointment with a gynaecologist on the 24th and I was wondering how long it usually takes from seeing a gynae and being told you need a lap to having one?

Two GPs have told me that this will most likely be the option the specialist chooses as I have exhausted most other options trying to get to the bottom of my pain but I have to go back to uni in September so a rough time estimate would be useful!

Thanks guys x

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The gynae will tell you on the day whether that's the option they want to go for. Then it's a waiting game for the appointment letter to come. Mine was about 8 weeks after the consultation, but I've heard of some people waiting much longer.


I waited 8 months. It varies depending upon which hospital you are at, and whether you need interim testing such as an MRI or ultrasound to enable the surgeon to be prepared for what they will find during surgery - e.g. if a woman is suspected of having deep infiltrating endometriosis then they will usually do an MRI... As this has to be done pre-op it takes time to wait for scan and then the report etc.


Is it possible nerve pain? They can't be seen on imaging, get your back checked before a lap. A lap won't show anything wrong with your back which could be causing Pelvic nerves to be causing pain.


It was only about 5 weeks for me (had to look at my notes as it was in 2013). It might depend where you are and the availability at the time, but it might not be too long. I'm based in Plymouth (Devon) and I was expecting it to be 12 weeks. Bear in mind that the first lap is for diagnosis only and that you will have to go on a new waiting list for the treatment lap. This is all due to informed consent and ensuring they have the right resources available.... for example, it turned out I needed a bowel specialist surgeon to be there as well as my surgeon. Good luck.


After the first lap, they did an MRI, a vaginal U/s and a blood test (CA-125). Then, right before the second lap (which was 5 months after the first one), I finally was given a diagnosis: endometriosis with severe adhesions, adenomyosis and a hydrosalpinx.


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