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NHS appointments? How long will it be?

Hello everyone.

I'm posting on behalf of my girlfriend (she doesn't know I'm doing this).

I'm just slowly becoming more and more concerned for her. She's recently had the Jaydess coil inserted and ever since we have had nothing but problems with it.

I feel so bad for her. I'm literally crying as I type this. She is in a lot of pain. Uncontrollable pain. It's making it really hard for me to see her like this. I'm 21, and she is 22 but I'm really unsure what this is.

She has pretty bad pain in her lower left abdomen and I'm not sure that it's getting any better. She is bleeding quite a lot, she has worn a sanitary towel every day for the past 2 months. I'm not sure if it's an infection, there doesn't seem to be discharge (from what she tells me) but we have tried having sex in recent times and there seems to be a really really unpleasant smell afterwards along with a considerable amount of blood too.

She isn't sure if she can feel the threads on the coil anymore either which is also worrying but I am really not sure on that. I haven't tried to feel them or anything.

My question is, how long do you think it will be until she has an NHS appointment? I'm so desperate for it to happen. I can't stand seeing her like this anymore. I really love this woman and it's just so unpleasant.

Maybe I'm overthinking but the point is - that I am concerned that the GP hasn't put an appointment in for her with the hospital so I'm getting a little concerned about that now. What would be the best approach to this? A&E? Call the doctors office? Call the hospital? I'm so lost.

I don't think she would really listen to me. When I ask her to go to the hospital or call the doctors to make sure something has been done for her, she will refuse or try and play it off.

If someone can shed some advice and help me out I'd be really grateful.

We aren't looking to conceive but one day we are going to consider it I'm assuming, we're long term so I think that may happen one day. I'm scared whether this is a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or something along those lines? The doctor has been really unhelpful and this is why I'm thinking that the right precautions haven't been taken to make sure my girlfriend gets the best treatment.

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Just turn up at the GUM clinic for starters no appointment needed really kind helpful staff. This needs dealing with ASAP as it sounds like infection regards the smell and has the potential if left untreated to make her infertile.


Thank you both for your replies. Much appreciated. I will see if I can convince her but she just simply will not to to A&E and that is really bothering me.

I will try my best to take her to the nearest sexual health clinic. Would they be able to prescribe anything for this??


66Crusader is right. I had Pelvic inflammatory Disease years ago and the pain is awful. It could be that. Her doctor should have sent her straight to hospital, which is what my doc did. I don't know what GUM clinic is but she needs to be seen straight away. I'd just take her to A & E. They are really helpful.


What about the bleeding and the pain? Does she have any other problems? Heard of Endometriosis before and did she see a gynacologist?

Sorry many questions. As well is the coil still ok and does this needs to be checked. I agree if it doesnt smell very nice it can be an infection, but if she is bleeding a lot this isnt smelling nice as well. I wouls have another conversation with your girlfriend and talk about your worries. It is very important that she checks herself and make sure she is healthy.

As well an appointment with NHS can differ, some gp's are better with patients then others and if you are not happy you can always go for second opinion somewhere else.

You can walk into A&E, but not sure if you will receive the right treatment at that time. Of course you can always try.

I wish you both all the best!!!


Endometriosis is an extreme concern for me. I've read so many things about what it could possibly be over the last few weeks that I've given up attempting to diagnose it because honestly, it might just be the coil. I'm really not sure.

It doesn't smell all the time. It's only when we have attempted sex really (it's calmed down from time to time). Nothing else. And she claims there is no discharge.

I think endometriosis might not be it personally, it doesn't seem to add up when I look at it. I feel the coil may have perforated too.


Ok, then this needs to looked at. It is still something foreign in her body and if it is causing more hassle then it is worth then there could be other options to help.

I hope you can let her see this is important. Is she worried or anxious to get it sorted?

Good luck and great for her that she has someone that looks after her and want to make sure she is ok!


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