Lap Recovery

Hello everyone. I appreciated all the replies to my last post. Today is the day after the laparoscopy. I'm in a lot of pain. It hurts to move and have some gas that's trapped. No throwing up as of yet. Slept downstairs on the couch haven't yet gone upstairs to my bedroom. Hurts to cough and move in general. I've stayed ahead of my pain medicine because when it wears off..the pain is horrible. Hope I get better soon. :)

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  • I'm sure after a couple of days you'll be feeling much better. Did you get a diagnosis at all? Take it easy, rest (although you must move around a bit) and take your painkillers. Hope it all goes well. Xx

  • Thanks for your response! Unfortunately they didn't find anything. So I guess I'll just have to suffer from undiagnosed pelvic pain forever :(..

  • Don't lose hope. My first one was negative too but my doctor still helped me with the pain. Be grateful you haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis. Try and see the positive. My pain used to decrease considerably after a lap. Have you had blood tests to check for PCOS? You'll know more when you have yr follow up appointment. Take care. Xx

  • You're doing great! I slept on the couch for a good while.. And subsequently noticed that my mouth was constantly dry (sleeping with my mouth open I guess)... popsicles became my best friend... Keep going! When is your follow up?

  • Follow up is in 2weeks :)

  • If some one can get you simethicone (e.g. windeeze) from a chemist that might help the gas. Also colic water and peppermint tea are useful.

    Wishing you well with your recovery.

  • Hey I also had a lap on Thursday, think I have been over doing it as I've just started feeling quite unwell, I've been very emotional as nothing was found and am finding that hard to deal with.. How are you dealing with it? Your lucky you have a follow up, I have just been discharged back to my GP, take care x

  • It's very disappointing that I have this pain but no cause. My mom or I have to make my appointment with my gynecologist in a week. how's your recovery going? I'm in a lot of a pain..

  • I'm got hurrendous period pains today, been feeling a bit sick and dizzy, hopefully will pass. Hope you recover quickly and good luck for your next appointment x

  • Omg we feel pratically the same! Today I've been having the cramps and really really bad hip and back pain. Thanks for your recovery wishes! Same to you too!


  • My hips and back are really painful too, my god so horribke, at least we know we're not on our own, message me if u wanna talk, take care x

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