3 cm by 3cm how do I know if it burst?

At first when I went to the doctor I had 5 small cysts in each side and I went back three weeks later to find I now had one big 3cm by 3cm cyst after being put on metformin. I have been in a lot of pain lately and had this weird discharge that was thick and stringy like a mans come but it was bloody. The pain feels like a knife pulsing through my abdomen and Tylenol and ibuprofen do not work at all to ease the discomfort. Even after the discharge happened Wednesday I am still in immense pain and it hurts to even go to the bathroom. I also have no appetite due to being nauseous all the time. I have been taking the pill to supposed help with no apparent luck yet. Should I go back to the doctor for another ultrasound of the cyst? I don't know if all the pain I was in Wednesday and tbe discharge was the cyst bursting or something else,

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  • That sounds like a good idea to see the doc regarding an ultrasound.

  • Even though I had an ultrasound a week ago? Could the pain and discharge have been from it rupturing?

  • It's hard to say but a 3cm cyst isn't large. I don't know whether size of cyst has anything to do with a cyst rupturing ot not. I would just ask your doc.

  • The doctor could take a swab to check if the discharge is something else.

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