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Help - Pains in Buttocks and legs!


I've been in pain for the last 6 months, after numerous Drs appointments was finally diagnosed with vulvodynia & painful bladder - have been given notriptyline for this which is helping with that pain. But for the last 3 months I've been getting pain across both buttocks and then down into my thighs & calves - this pain is worse when I'm laying down or sitting on a hard chair. To help me sleep I put a cushion under backside and knees. When I'm walking I just feel a bit stiff. The pain seems to be the muscles tightening up really hard rather than a shooting pain. I'm doing deep stretches which help but there's so much tension there.

Also just had a hysterscopy following abnormal bleed - results from that were all clear but pain in muscles has been much worse since. Help!

Has anyone else had anything similar?

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Although I can't relate to your other issues or know whether or not it is linked but as well as my pelvic pain I suffer from a bad back after a fall. I see a chiropractor for this. Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve gets trapped and it can cause pain in the bottom and legs. I have had this before, pain in the bum cheeks and then I get it down the outsides of my thighs and the pain is how you've described, a very tight uncomfortable muscle sensation.

Have you thought that it might not be linked to your other issues? Or perhaps that you were moved awkwardly in your operation to have trapped the nerve slightly to cause this? Either way I highly recommend speaking to a chiropractor about this. It's painless and you could feel the difference very quickly as they would be 'realigning' your spine to free any nerve issues.

I hope this helped. Good luck.



Hi SusieQ

Obviously not sure if any of my symptoms are the same as yours but all my problems started after my total vaginal hysterectomy 2 1/2 years ago, and yes a gynea consultant at the same hospital has said that my spine was probably knocked out of alignment during the operation, great (not)! Probably why I had terrible back pain immediately after my op! Actually I did go to a chiropractor in the early days but regret it actually made me worse but that's not to say that it may not help you. I have terrible problems with my piriformis muscle causing sciatica. The tightness has now also started to irritate the pudendal nerve. I also have sacriolliac joint dysfunction probably caused by my pelvis being so twisted and rotated. Yes finding the correct stretches can help. My doctors have been of little help at all but I pushed to see the pain clinic where at least the consultants were quick to diagnose and offer various injections, some have helped some have not but I do now at least have someone who understands my pain. I do hope that you will soon find some help and relief, keep searching Good Luck.



Have you considered pudendal neuropathy?



I would also check out your piriformis muscles in the buttock. They are easily identified especially if tight and/or sore. A good physiotherapist will be able to help with this although easy piriformis stretches help too.

Hope you find the problem so are able to get targeted treatement.

Take care,




Thank you all so much for all your help and taking the time to answer. It's great knowing I'm not alone... I've got an appointment for the pain clinic on Friday so I'll will ask about physio / piriformis muscles / seeing a chiropractor etc. and hopefully get some answers & the right treatement before it gets any worse. I really hope it's not PNE.

Pam, So sorry to hear your story. Like you, doctors haven't been very helpful. I think with anything like this you have to take control and keep searching for yourself.

Thanks again & good luck,



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