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Are you looking for a pelvic physiotherapist ?

This list includes NHS and private physiotherapists who are registered in the UK and who have an interest in pelvic pain. Some of them treat men and women


It is always useful to have feedback from people who have seen these therapists so please let us know whether a few sessions helps in the longer term.

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I am very curious to know if I could get an NHS referral, especially as the closest PT is out of my referral area. But I will definitely be pursuing it after my operation. Thanks for the contacts. Finding the right people is half the battle when you know more about your condition than your GP does!


Excellent news for those in the UK. I have been fortunate in finding PTs in Germany but what means do those in other European countries have to find a corresponding list?


Thanks for the list - that's really helpful!

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Tried to get the list but it came up with a warning not to ? Jacky


I would ignore that as it's a legitimate site/list


I live in NYC and was just told by my primary doctor that a physiotherapist would be helpful for my pelvic pain. He gave me the name of a doctor but she doesn't take any insurance. Years ago I went to a physiotherapist in my area who seemed very helpful. He immediately diagnosed the majority of my pain as "femoral" not sciatic which had been all I heard from a bunch of doctors who immediately dismissed me with what they said was mild back problems. I tried to go back to him but he quit his practice on Staten Island (the pretty backward borough of NYC) and I can't find anyone else now who will take any health insurance. At the time the physiotherapist diagnosed my pain as "femoral" and thus verifying what I felt to be true coming from my pelvic surgery (something that every gyn and bladder doctor tried to discount) I was not in as bad pain as I am now. Now because of the progressive nature of my condition and the fact that recent ex-rays show chronic otietis pubis (inflammatory deteriorating ligaments and muscles in my pelvis I am finally being taken seriously but with no answers.) The pain is so terrible today I am crippled with it and now diagnosed with CRPS with increasing neuropathy to my lower legs. I would be very grateful for the name of a physiotherapist near me who takes insurance. My primary doctor seemed very caring and thought that a physiotherapist would be helpful in suggesting overall therapy for my progressive pain rather than having this suggestion and that and that (orthopedist for neck back or for hip knee ankle or rheumetologist for inflammatory joints or pain management going for back pudendal etc.) Any suggestions? You guys in the UK are really lucky. As a US Citizen living on $1400 per month with government Medicare and supplemental insurance I am paying over $400 per month for basic comprehensive care. Friends of mine who have opted for Medicaid or Obamacare (I would be eligible for either as I am poor) are even more restricted than I for doctors and treatments and have to get tons of written referrals to see doctors. Just a note for all you guys who think your NH is bad believe me you don't know how lucky you are!!!


We are restricted too unfortunately. We have to get referrals from our GP to see anyone other than them - that's if we can get an appointment to see the GP in the first place... The wait in my area is 3 weeks to just see a GP.

IMO the NHS is different to how people from other countries think. A friend of mine from Brazil was horrified how long I have waited to have surgery and how there is no aftercare. I'm grateful to have the NHS - we do pay for it as part of our taxes so it's not exactly 'free' - but I can't rely on it to provide me with all the medical care I need.


The reason I pay over $400 per month for private health care where there is no "network" is because I don't have to go through what you are going through. I can't really afford it on SSI $1400 per month (my maintenance on my apt is almost $1000 and I depend on a roommate and friend to help me. But $400 per month is cheap compared what my daughters and other friends who don't have Medicare (thank you again Teddy Kennedy) which is for seniors and the disabled. Obamacare is tax subsidized private health and they have all sorts of rights to deny coverage for certain medicines and treatments. And primary doctors are in short supply although we have tons of them near me (the ones no one wants to see they are kind of money maker don't care types often immigrant) so you don't have to wait too long if you just want to see any old primary. The specialists who do most of the treatments and surgeries make you wait sometimes months to see them. Again those for whom you have to wait are the ones in demand. I live in NYC where we have state subsidized medical for low income (paid for through taxes again as is Medicare.) After I lost my job but managed to keep my health insurance through a Clinton program (before Clinton you couldn't extend you health care at all if you lost your job) to extend it (I was terrified to drop insurance as I was getting sicker) I paid $10,000 in one year for coverage. That Clinton program has also skyrocketed prices costing my daughter over the last five years (who had a "pre-existing condition" to pay $1,000 per month in the months her husband is laid off in summer.) With Obamacare she doesn't have to do that but the system is still terrible. If I were healthy & living in NYC (where there are options for poor people) I would go on Obamacare or Medicaid but again it would involve referrals and restricted access to good doctors and hospitals. I understand about the UK but your HS is better than what is going on in our Southern and Western States where our Republicans (pretty much like your Tories) rule. When I was a young girl my grandmother (refugee from war torn Poland) said to me "What is going on with these American doctors? In Poland we respect our professors, our philosophers, our historians our learned people. Doctors are TECHNICIANS not learned people. Here in America the doctors have become king you can't say anything to you." And that was in the 50's and it's gotten worse. The best treatments, the kindest most intelligent diagnoses I've gotten in my life for me and my daughters (even with complex problems) was from my long standing family doctors. They knew all your history and LISTENED and the specialists listened to him. Today medicine is a money maker and greed has destroyed it. Until people really start demanding transparency into where the money is going nothing will change. I feel completely depressed about the situation and my daughters (another generations) are being crushed by it. I hope your elections in the UK don't go the way I feel our elections will. It's bad enough with your present day coalition government to my mind. Every day I pay my bills and think "I need to go to Obamacare - brass (covers very little referrals up the a__ co-payment up the a___ - silver little less co-payments lots of referrals - gold no scrip co-payment - maybe only $300 per month." Then I remember when I didn't have Medicare and all I did was wait weeks for doctors pay a fortune fight with the HMO to cover me and I resign myself to beg the money I'm paying. I really feel for you but I'm pretty much in the same situation you are and paying more money out for better care while my taxes are supplementing private medicine and a lot of doctors are just refusing to take any health care all they want are cash. It's a disaster. Only good thing is my sister (in Oklahoma) finally got a new hip which she needed for 10 years (pre-existing condition). Trouble is she lives in Oklahoma with no state subsidies and doesn't have the $400 co-payment for that one so she can't get the other one done. I don't know what sort of world we are living in. In the 60's when my husband and I didn't have health care I paid cash $250 for my first child (clinic miserable), $400 for 2nd child (obstetrician lovely) , $350 for third child (family doctor lovely). In those days health was NON-PROFIT!!! That was it pregnancy and hospital stay included. Now it costs about $22,000 for same care. Believe me you don't want American style of medical care. I still hope for more for us all.


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