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Do you have experience of pelvic prolapse ?

The National Institute for Health Research in England has contacted me as they are looking for members of the public who have experience of pelvic prolapse to contribute to proposed new NHS research.

Generally they want people to comment on research that is proposed from the patient perspective. A reasonable allowance is paid for doing this and it generally takes 2 - 4 hours to read and comment.

Please let me know at if you are interested to know more.

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If they're talking about bladder, bowel, uterus prolapses then I would be interested Judy.


I would definitely be interested please Judy. I've had two prolapse operations, the last resulting in pudendal nerve damage. I appear to have yet another prolapse, so any research I can help in would be wonderful?

Thank you


What is the definition of pelvic prolapse?


Thanks all of you for your interest. I've received several e-mails about this. I'm assuming it's prolapse of the uterus that they are talking about. I'm curious to know whether you had pain before the procedure, after it or both. It's bizarre that a lot of research that has been done in the past doesn't take account or consider relief of pain as an outcome of the research !


i would be interested


Please can you e-mail me at so that I can send you the information about it ?


I am interested too!


I am also very interested in this and fit the bill perfectly. Happy to take part in any research to get the message of us silent sufferers out there. Will email you my details. Thanks Judy.


Hi Judy

I would be very interested in becoming involved in this research.

I have been suffering from a rectal prolapse (sigmoidocele) for the last 4 years.

I am currently awaiting surgery for a ventral mesh rectoplexy to repair the prolapse.


Hi Angela,

Thank you for your interest.

This research is about prolapse of the uterus ( not rectal ). Have you investigated ventral mesh rectopexy and the outcomes thoroughly ?

Where are you having the procedure ?


I would be interested. I suffered a prolapse rectocele, intussecuption, sigmoidcele, following childbirth. I have rectal pressure and pain along with incomplete emptying. It is ruining my life. Annoyingly so, I had symptoms during pregnancy but was told as I was petite, young, it couldn't be prolapse. I would love to participate.



Thanks for responding. Please see my reply to Angela above. This research is looking at prolapse of the uterus, however if other types of prolapse are going to be studied, I'm sure we shall hear about it and let you know via this message board.



I am not sure how this research will work as many women have prolapse in all 3 departments.

So Judy analysing just uterine prolapse is not a good starting point!!!

I have primarily internal rectal prolapse however it is the pressure of the pounding womb and bladder causing the prolapse in the first place.'

You mention uterine prolapse primarily but all 3 departments are linked together.

The help on the UK for prolapse issues is minimal with very little gynaecological and colorectal joint input. 

Some ladies have uterine prolapse primarily but having hysterectomy or a uterine suspension surgery repair often makes the other areas fall down and subsequent surgeries are necessary.

I am happy to take part in this if it furthers the knowledge of out clinicians to help us.

Please send me details


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