Pelvic ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound

Hey had both ultrasound scans today wasn't expecting the vaginalultrasound but if it helps get some answers....well no further forward really the only question the sonography r asked was whilst he was doing the vaginalultrasound he asked if there was a chance I could be pregnant not sure why this would be asked? Anyway I'm not pregnant that is something in100% know!!

I'm going to try sleep for an hour now belly and hips are really hurting not sure if this is down to 6 days of constipation or whatever is going on inside my pelvis, back at the doctors tomorrow afternoon for results feeling really nervous and scared. x

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  • Hi Kazww.i had uss and vaginal scan and they said both were normal (not sure when)but still got no answer fro pelvic pain,i dont believe scans are 100% accurate because my gallstones weren't detected by any scan arranged by gp but a private scan detected them even tho I had no pain from them.hope you enjoyed your exhausted and in pain from taking my dog out -had to sit down every so often.i don't know why they don't give you some inkling of the results cos with technology they know straight away what the results are.let me know how you get on.

  • Hi I'm just new to this forum. I'm beside myself with crippling anal spasms etc which now affect front pelvic area too now. Having anal ultrasound but trying not to expect too much. Had this for 7 years, anyone know anything to 'cure' this?

  • I do but i m not a dr insert Valium and pain mess

  • Gp won't prescribe me stuff like that.

  • Hi Ekeyte84

    I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. Unfortunately pain is not high on the r&d programmes, so at the moment if you've been in pain for 7 years and had no joy, it is unlikely that medical science has an answer to your form of pain. I'm sure that you've been through loads of intrusive investigations and, from your comments they have been unsuccessful. Are you being seen by a pain clinician at all?

    I do hope you find some relief

    All the best :-)

  • Thanks for reply. Yeh I'm at the stage I think there's little more medicine can do. I don't have a pain specialist. In uk I don't know how to get one

  • Hi Ekeyte, I have this too along with bladder and vaginal spasms. This may not be what you have, but I'm sharing in case this is helpful. I finally got a diagnosis of pelvic floor dysfunction. Basically, your pelvic floor muscles freak out and go into something very similar to a "Charley horse" spasm, like the kind you can get in your calf and foot muscles. It's horribly painful and affects every part of your life. It's hard to even think about going to the bathroom because of fear of the rectal spasms kicking in. I feel for you! After FINALLY getting diagnosed, the thing that has helped me the most is pelvic floor physical therapy. They treat pain a variety of ways... muscle massage and trigger release, teaching you to "retrain" your rectal muscles to try to get out of the spasm cycle and a variety of other things, which can include heat and tens units. Not everything works for everyone and all therapists are different. For me, therapy has saved me. It's a long process but even the slightest improvement has been worth it. As for meds, I haven't had much luck. I was given valium suppositories but did not get much relief. Some people really benefit from them though. The key is finding a pelvic floor specialist. GPs generally do not have the training to diagnose and manage this. It is highly specialized and a fairly recently recognized disorder. Best to you. I know how hard this all is.

  • Thanks SophiaM. Ur comments really did help. I'm so with you on the fear of going to the toilet, it's awful all the time. I'm imagining after surgery ill be told about how to strengthen/ease pelvic muscles so ur experience and treatment sounds encouraging :) just hope it's not too long a wait for further tests!

  • Did u just have surgery or do have other health problems

  • I've had dilatation, Botox, haemarrhoid internal banding. Rectal muscles totally not working properly. I have control of BM but pain always follows and spasm last rest of the day after. Even affects urine flow and rectal muscle spasms uncontrollably. Any suggestions what to do next?

  • Hi Kazww

    I hope you get some response from your Dr soon. There are a number of issues you have raised. They ask if you are pregnant because, in the early stages of pregnancy it is dangerous to the foetus for any internal examination. If you were trying to get pregnant then it is critical you informed them. That is why they ask that question .

    The people who take the scans are seldom fully aware of your health condition and it is felt that information should be shared with you by the referring Dr.

    When do you get the results?

  • Hi get results this afternoon so worried. Thanks x

  • Hi there, please try not to worry. It causes stress which isn't helpful to pain receptors. The chances are that there isn't anything major or you would have been called in urgently.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes

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